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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coach Zauner Working More With Arizona High School Kicking Specialists

Coach Zauner's Programs Are Now
'A Specialist's Path To College Football'
Coach Zauner Works & Trains Ben Sweet, Pinnacle High School Kicking / Punting Specialists
While thousands of high school athletes and kicking specialists dream of playing in the NFL, a recent NCAA study exposes the extremely low probability of competing beyond the interscholastic level. According to statistical data from September 17, 2012, only 6.4% of high school athletes continue playing in college and a mere .08% reach the professional level. 

The road to the National Football League isn't easy and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to reach your potential. Unfortunately, knowing "what it takes" is half the battle and that's part of what inspired Coach Zauner to start working with aspiring specialists to create their own 'Specialist's Path to PRO Football'

Through the years, Coach Zauner's coaching, training, consulting and now his PRO Development Camps, College Senior/Free Agent Combines and ONE on ONE Lessons he has worked with over 100 NFL specialists, including 22 Pro Bowlers. Coach's philosophy focuses on fundamentals and emphasizes both the physical and mental aspects of raising your game and taking it to the next level. After 13 years of coaching experience in the NFL with the Vikings, Ravens and Cardinals, Coach Zauner knows what scouts and coaches are looking for and is well respected within the league.

Coach Zauner's High School Kicking Camps are aimed to help athletes gauge their talent level and improve their overall performance at future combines and tryouts. Too often, show case events focus primarily on Rankings and Ratings rather than improving technique and identifying areas of strengths and weakness. Using video footage, drills and assessments, High School Kicking Camp attendees will learn how to gauge their talent level against the top competitors in the country. 

Coaches High School Kicking Camps offer the opportunity to start walking your unique 'Specialists Path to College Football'. Every December and April, camps will be offered in Phoenix, Arizona where the weather nearly guarantees optimal kicking conditions. Whether you've attended camps in the past or are hesitant to make the commitment, we encourage you to consult the athletes that have walked in your shoes. 
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Coach Zauner Works With Ben Sweet (Pinnacle HS) and Josh Hubner (Desert Mt. & ASU)

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