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Friday, October 11, 2013

Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Combine a Success For Players and NFL Teams

College Senior Combine Produces Exposure & Results
Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine - March in Gilbert, Arizona
This year’s College Senior Kicking Combine was a roaring success with 13 of 74 participants signing NFL contracts this offseason.
Coach Zauner Meeting with Specialists to Organize the Next Days Schedule
College Senior Combine attendees were personally selected and invited to attend a three-day combine that would prove to be a launching pad to over a dozen student-athletes.

Under sunny skies in Gilbert, Arizona, the top specialists put their skills to the test in an effort to prove themselves worthy of playing at the next level. Through a series of skills tests and assessments, each specialist was evaluated by Coach Zauner to find out if he truly has NFL potential.  Each participant is given a DVD of his testing at the end of the combine.

Coach Zauner then sends the final results of the combine to every NFL team.  Also, a DVD of the specialists that Coach endorses to have NFL potential gets sent to every NFL Special Teams Coordinator and is posted on YouTube to get maximum exposure. 

Coach Zauner’s College Senior Combine offers a unique opportunity to compete against the country’s elite kickers, punters and snappers while preparing for the pressure and spotlight of future tryouts. Using his years of PRO coaching experience, Coach Zauner separates the specialists into three groups to determine their NFL/CFL readiness.

Group 1: Ready to play at the next level (NFL, CFL)

Group 2: Have potential to play at the next level (NFL, CFL) with minor improvements

Group 3: Would have a difficult time making a roster at the next level.

Too often, athletes are unaware of or inaccurately assess their own skill level. The College Senior Combine is a way for specialists to gauge their true potential and receive genuine feedback by someone who is well-respected in PRO coaching circles.

Following the 2013 College Senior Combine, the following athletes received NFL contracts or attended training camps in the league:
These results are extremely promising for the entire Coach Zauner family and we are proud to have had any part in the incredible successes of the College Senior Combine participants.

Whether you’ve attended camps and combines before and are looking for something different or have yet to see where your skills match up with the top specialists in the country, if your a graduating senior the College Senior Kicking Combine is the place to find out if you’re ready for the ‘Specialists Path to PRO Football’.

Note:  Of the 13 Kicking Specialists to sign NFL Contracts and go to training camp, two made NFL teams Final Rosters.  Punter, Sam Martin (Appalachian State) & Snapper, Kevin McDermott (UCLA).
Sam Martin (Appalachian State) 5th Round Pick of Detroit Lions.
Click below to listen to testimonials by Sam Martin and several other Kicking and Punting Specialist's that attended Coach Zauner's College Senior Specialist's Combines in 2012 and 2013.

Kevin McDermott Makes Final S.F. 49ers Roster
Click below to listen to testimonials by Kevin McDermott and several other snapping specialist's that attended Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine and also took One on One Snapping Lessons and attended Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camps to refine their technique and take their game to the next level.

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