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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Swayze Waters Grey Cup Champion

Swayze Waters  University of Alabama Birmingham and Toronto Argonauts 

I first met Swayze Waters when he attended my 2010 Free Agent Specialist's Kicking Combine in Phoenix, Arizona. He later signed with the Oakland Raiders. John Fassel the Raiders Special Teams Coordinator who was my former assistant with the Baltimore Ravens called me to say what a great job Swayze did in training camp. But also mentioned he thought he needed to work on a couple of fundamental things with his kicking game.
Swayze Waters Working A One on One Lesson In Phoenix, AZ

Swayze contacted me in the off season and signed up for a One on One Kicking, Kickoff and Punting Lesson. Swayze really impressed me with his ability to do all three things really well.  However, during future seasons some NFL teams were bringing him to camp in because he could do all three and maybe one not good enough to be an NFL kicker or punter.
Swayze Waters At Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine
After my 2011 Free Agent Kicking Combine once again a couple of teams were trying to sign Swayze Waters to a Free Agent Contract. He signed with the New York Jets but was released soon after. Needless to say Swayze was heart broken.  

We talked at length and I suggested he go up North to the Canadian Football League (CFL) to get game experience. He signed with the Edmonton Eskimos but again was release. Soon after he signed with the Toronto Argonauts. He played the entire season and along with his team won the 2012 CFL 100th Grey Cup. He has now established himself as one of the BEST in Canada. Hopefully soon he will get another chance in the NFL to prove to  all the teams they missed an opportunity in just signing him as a camp leg. In my opinion Swayze is a kicker that can play in any league.

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As an athlete Swayze has demonstrated what happens when talent and preparation meet opportunity. 

I wish Swayze the best of continued success in his career.

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