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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rob Long's pursuit of his NFL dream

After his fight with cancer, Rob Long is trying to pursue an NFL career. Rob has attended my January PRO Development Camp for punters and snappers along with recently qualifying for the 2013 Coach Zauner Free Agent Combine. 
Rob Long Attends Coach Zauner's
PRO Development Camp
I thought others would enjoy a video and story depicting a strong inspirational and motivational spirit as Rob continues to pursue his dream with dedication.

Cancer survivor resumes pursuit of his NFL dream 

Below is an email I recently received;

I wanted to share a story with you in hopes you could feature it or tweet it out for us. It's about Rob Long, Syracuse's Punter from 2007 - 2010. He was a Freshman all-american, first team Big-East two years in a row, and then, his senior year he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This halted his journey to the NFL and this project is dedicated to help him get back there. The tumor was the size of a tennis ball, he beat it entirely and is now in the best shape of life.

 Any media support you can give us would be a huge help.

Please check out our film.

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On a personal note I would like to wish the best for Rob as he continues to follow his NFL dream. 

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