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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brad Maynard's Punting Lessons

Brad Maynard Chicago Bears Punter For Several Years
Recently Brad Maynard, a 15 year veteran NFL punter was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a two day One on One Punting Lesson.  Brad has played for the New York Giants, Chicago Bears and most recently with the Cleveland Browns and is preparing for another season.  However, he is not sure with what team at the present moment.

Out of the blue, Brad called me about a month ago asking me to put another set of eyes on his technique and check out his drop.  He said there was something wrong with his drop but was unsure what it was but knew that it had to be corrected.  His agent Chad Wiestling told him I would be the person to see.  

Chad also is the agent for Nick Novak who played last season for the San Diego Chargers.  Nick was here for individual Kicking Lessons in 2010 and 2011 and also attended my Free Agent Specialist's Combine. Chad was happy with Nick's kicking lesson results and was hoping to get his veteran punter client the same help he wanted. 
Coach Zauner Address Maynard's Grip and Drop
During the first punting lesson I just let Brad show me and tell me how he has punted for over 15 years.  We video taped all of Brad's drills and took camera shots from many different angles to pick up any flaw he might have in his drop.   
Video Camera Picks Up Everything
After the first session we went back to my office and reviewed the sequential camera photos and video and decided what the problem was. Brad's drop was moving.  His drop was sometimes moving inwards, upwards and sometimes both.  The key to any punters success is a Perfect Drop. 

I looked at Brad's grip an made some suggestions.  I introduced him to some of my drills that I thought would correct his problem.  Brad being the pro he is tried everything.  
Brad Maynard Works on Nose Down Drop
As Brad worked the drills his drop started to improve.  The football was now nose down on almost every drop and he started to turnover every ball.   After two days of work I believe Brad was very happy with the results. 
Brad Maynard Works on Punting Up and Through The Ball
At the end of the second session Brad worked on his directional punting technique which he was and is still a master of.  He placed the ball to both corners with excellent precision. In my opinion Brad and Jeff Feagles (N.Y. Giants) are two of the best directional punters that have been in the league for years.

Click to listen to Brad Maynard's Testimonial after working a two day One on One Punting Lesson with Coach Zauner in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Brad Maynard who to me is a Pros Pro. Brad at the present time is working to refine his technique so when he gets his next chance he will be ready. Even after this years 2012 draft there are still teams in need of a punter.  When the opportunity comes Brad will be ready.   It was a great pleasure and opportunity to work with Brad and I wish him the best.
Coach Zauner and Brad Maynard   
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