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Monday, April 23, 2012

CFL Kicking Specialists Schiavone & Shaw

Grant Shaw and Derek Schiavone in Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona for a Three Day
One on One Punting and Kicking Lesson with Coach Zauner.
A few months ago I received a call from Edmonton Eskimos Special Teams Coordinator, Rick Campbell about sending two of their kicking specialists to Arizona for some One on One Kicking and Punting Lessons. 

Since that time Rick moved to a new position with the Calgary Stampeders as their Defensive Coordinator but Grant Shaw and Derek Schiavone stayed on course this past week and flew to sunny and beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona for their One on One Lessons.

Derek Schiavone and Grant Shaw are both Canadians.   The CFL (Canadian Football League) has an import and non-import rule for players and a smaller limit on roster sizes.  

Most Canadian teams try to keep their import roster positions for quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, and defensive backs or other specialty players.  So, if the team like Edmonton has two or three Canadian Kicking Specialists they can use their import tags on other key players.

Derek Schiavone is the kicker for the Edmonton Eskimos and had a pretty good 2011 season kicking 85% of his field goal.  But, like most specialists would like to get better.
Derek Schiavone Working on Foot To Ball Contact Position
During the three days of One on One Lessons we focused on better ball sticking, form and his trajectory on both field goals and kickoffs.  The emphasis was on technique, technique and more technique. 
Derek Schiavone Working The Target Zone Drill 
Derek had an excellent soccer background and was a quick study.  I introduced him to several drills and he picked them up quickly and progressed at a rapid pace.  He enjoyed the drills and my philosophy of coaching kickers.
Grant Shaw Holding for Derek Schiavone during One on One lesson
After three days of kicking I could see a lot of improvement in Derek's  field goal and kickoff technique.  But it is not what I think that counts but what my students think.

Click below to listen to Derek Schiavone's Testimonial after his three day One on One Kicking and Kickoff Lesson with Coach Zauner:

The Edmonton Eskimos traded the Toronto Argonauts for Grant Shaw.  They also recently signed long time All-Star CFL Punter Burke Dales from the Calgary Stampeders.  Derek Schiavone is the Eskimos Kicker.  Where does that leave Grant Shaw? 

Grant is a unique kicking specialists.  He has a big kickoff leg, can punt but also plays on defense.  So, when I talked earlier about the import / non-import roster numbers, Grant is a bonus player for any Canadian Team because of his versatility.

After spending three days with Grant I believe he knows his role.  In my opinion Grant has a lot of potential. However, he needs to improve his punting fundamentals.  If he works the drills and improves his consistency he could eventually become just a kicking specialist and play wherever he wants to play. 
Grant  Shaw Working the Drop Progression and One Step Drill
During the three day One on One Punting and Kickoff Lesson I changed Grants grip and drop.  I introduced him to my Drop Progression and One Step Drills.  As his drop improved his punting improved.  

We next stressed punting up and through the ball rather than punting and falling backwards.  Grant being a good athlete was once again a quick learner.  He improved during each coaching and video session.  Technique, technique and more technique.  
Grant Shaw Working on Punting Up and Through the Football
Grant like Derek has some new technique and drills to work on.  They each received a video or DVD of each lesson to remind them of all the coaching points during the lesson.  The key to their progress is first buying into what they learned and next going home and practicing. 

As I tell all my One on One students.  It takes three to four weeks of drill work to acquire the new muscle memory so the are not thinking as much and just going out and kicking and punting.   I believe Grant and Derek are both driven to improve.

Click below to listen to Grant Shaw's Testimonial after his three day One on One Punting and Kickoff Lesson in Scottsdale, Arizona with Coach Zauner:

Derek and Grant both enjoyed my 'Natural Style of Kicking and Punting' and I believe it will make them both better kicking specialists. 

It was a real pleasure meeting and working with both Derek Schiavone and Grant Shaw.  I want to wish them and the Edmonton Eskimos the best of luck in this upcoming CFL season.

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