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Friday, March 2, 2012

Pursuing an NFL Roster Opportunity

Coach Zauner's 
College Senior Combines Producing Results
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Aside from supporting my own athletes throughout the NFL Combine experience, I also make a point to evaluate everyone they are competing against. The level of talent displayed throughout the weekend never ceases to amaze me. Every year, I am more and more impressed by the progression of the sport and the physical capabilities of the young men invited to participate.

The problem is not everyone is extended an invitation and often even the most talented and pro-ready prospects are overlooked and miss their shot entirely.

Years ago, I had a vision to develop a College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine, composed of specialists from small schools, big universities and everything in between. I like to think of it as a 'Field of Dreams' of sorts. At this combine, I wanted to give qualified and dedicated specialists the chance to prove themselves. I wanted to give them a platform to not only showcase their skills, but make those crucial changes in fundamentals and techniques that will mold them into the exact type of athlete the NFL is looking for.

Having worked in professional football for over thirteen years, I would like to think I have a decent grasp of the style and skill set that separate good college players from great NFL players. The College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine allows me the opportunity to share this with kickers, punters and snappers that are just a step away from making that transition to the next level.

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At the three-day event, a select group of specialists will get that last shot they'd have otherwise missed. There is a huge misconception among college athletes, families and the general public that if you aren't participating in the combine, nor invited to the draft, you will not play in the league.

This is 100% false and I can pull from countless personal experiences to provide support.

For instance, in 2008, I received a call from the Denver Broncos coaching staff asking me if I knew of any kickers and punters who were NFL ready and would possibly a good fit for their team. At the time I was working closely with punter Brett Kern (University of Toledo) and kicker Garrett Hartley (University of Oklahoma) and immediately recommended them to the GM with the Denver Broncos.

Shortly thereafter, Brett and Garrett both signed free agent contracts with the Broncos. Brent remained on the Mile High City roster for the remainder of the year and is currently playing for the Tennessee Titans. Hartley, although released by Denver prior to the 2008 season, was picked up shortly thereafter by the New Orleans Saints where he went 13-for-13 in eight games as a rookie.

Neither attended the NFL combine. Neither attended the NFL draft. 

I can't say it enough...far too often players (specialists, in particular) miss out on the opportunity to get in front of the right people and fine tune their skills according to the standards expected at the next level. The College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine provides a carefully composed group of athletes this chance and after months of hard work and preparation I couldn't be more excited to see what these players have to offer.

There are so many different ways people get where they want to be and sometimes when we come to those fork-in-the-road decision, a little direction wouldn't hurt. Over the years, I have carved a series of clinics, combines and one-on-one training that put players on  'A Specialists Path to PRO Football'. I couldn't be happier to lead the 64 specialists attending the 2012 College Senior Specialist's Combine down this path and with the number of attendance rising with each passing season I am believing more the more or less ancient proverb to be true-- 'If you build it, they will come'.

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