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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 NFL Combine & College Senior Combine

Sixty-Four College Seniors Attend
Coach Zauner's 2012 College Senior Combine

The NFL Combine is essentially a measuring stick for NFL coaches and personnel around the league.  It is a way of evaluating talent and ranking prospects based on the athletic abilities and character expected at the professional level. 

This year’s NFL Combine was exceptionally special for Coach Zauner LLC, because five of our  One on One Lesson specialists had the opportunity to make the trip to Indianapolis at the end of February.  While I was there to support those five athletes, I also wanted to see how they compared to the rest of those in attendance. 
Coach Zauner One on One Students Attend 2012 NFL Combine
Randy Bullock, Drew Butler, Kyle Martens, Carson Wiggs & Brad Nortman
Over the past several years, there have been many exceptional players from smaller schools overlooked by the next level, simply because they don’t receive the level of exposure that larger universities benefit from.  Realizing this was the catalyst behind the formation of my College Senior Specialist's Combine, or my version of a “Field of Dreams”.

The College Senior Specialist's Combine has proved incredibly successful since the 1st annual event in 2010 and this year was no different. 
Coach Zauner's 2012 College Senior Specialist's Combine
(64) Specialist's Attend Three Day Combine

March 2-4, 2012 sixty-four specialists attended Coach Zauner's 2012 College Senior Specialists Combine in Gilbert, Arizona.  Over three days, the athletes were put through a series of tests and drills to assess their skills, fundamentals and technique. During the Combine my staff evaluated each of the specialists and determined whether or not I believed they had potential to be an NFL Specialist.
Jonathan Weeks (Texans) and Nick Sundberg (Redskins) Assist in Evaluating Snappers
Several NFL Special Teams Coaches and College Director or Personnel raved about the excess of talent at this year’s specialist NFL Combine and voiced that they believed this was the best group of kids to date. I couldn’t agree more and am incredibly proud to have had the pleasure of working with five of the athletes.
Nick Schirtzinger and Steve Hoppe Record Coach Zauner's Comments
Using my 36 plus years of experience coaching and working with specialists as my “measuring stick” of sorts, I found nine snappers, seven kickers and five punters whom I believe have NFL potential.  These twenty-one athletes were not among those invited to Indianapolis to attend the official NFL Combine, but they deserve a genuine shot to get looks or workouts and signed as free agent after the draft to compete for a spot on an NFL roster. Hopefully, the College Senior Specialist's Combine or "Field of Dream" will open the door to that opportunity.

Results and highlight videos of the twenty-one aforementioned prospects have been posted on my website at  Coach Zauner's Lockerroom, plus will be given directly to NFL coaches and Directors of Pro Personnel at my Free Agent Specialist's Combine later this month.  This provides an opportunity for exposure that may otherwise be missed.

The 2012 College Senior Specialists Combine was immeasurably successful. From the feedback I’ve received and the number of inquiries about my One on One Kicking, Punting & Snapping Lessons and PRO Development Camps, I believe those who attended got something useful from the experience. I always say “Coaches Coach and Players Play”. These athletes are the ones out there putting in the blood sweat and tears and I simply feel fortunate to have been a part of it.

NFL Coaches Evaluate Players
 NFL, CFL & UFL Evaluating Talent At Previous Free Agent Combines
As in life, the end of one chapter, marks the beginning of another. On March 19th and 20th, coaches and staff from NFL teams will be on the field to evaluate participants in the 2012 Free Agent Specialist's Combine in Paradise Valley.  In the past, several players have signed with teams after scouts and personnel evaluated their performance at this one day event. My gracious staff and I have been working hard to make this the best possible opportunity for all the specialists attending and I cannot wait for the Free Agent Specialist's Combine to get rolling!

Best of luck to all of the kicking specialists in this upcoming 2012 Free Agent Specialist's Combine and also in the 2012 NFL draft.

Coach Zauner's Combine Testings Are Performed With New NFL (K) Balls

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