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Monday, January 30, 2012

Coach Zauner Students Attend 2012 Senior Bowl

Drew Butler (U. of Georgia) 2009 Ray Guy Award & Academic All-American
Randy Bullock (Texas A & M) 2011 Lou Groza Award and  All-American Kicker
Brad Nortman (U. of Wisconsin) Academic All-Big Ten

When I left the NFL League as a Special Teams Coordinator in 2007, my goal as a kicking coach and consultant was to help as many kicking specialists achieve their dream and have a chance to play professional football. Subsequently we coined the term - 'A Specialists Path to PRO Football'.

For over twenty years, I have attended the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama to either find a job, see coaching friends in addition to evaluate and critique the kicking specialists in attendance.

This year was a little different.  I was there solely to support and observe three of my prized One on One Kicking and Punting students perform in the 2012 Senior Bowl practices and game. 

Five years ago, I started working with Brad Nortman after he graduated from high school and accepted a scholarship from the University of Wisconsin.  Four years ago I started woking with Drew Butler when his father Kevin Butler (Chicago Bears) brought him to me during his red shirt freshman year at the University of Georgia.  Three years ago when Randy Bullock was a sophomore at Texas A & M, he attended my 2009 PRO Development Camp in Phoenix, Arizona.

Five, Four, Three, and Two years ago I met and started working with punter, Kyle Martens (Rice University) after he attend one of my PRO Development Camps.  Kyle was not invited to the Senior Bowl but is playing Feb 4th in the Players All-Star Classic in Little Rock Arkansas.  Kyle however, has been invited to the NFL Combine in late February.

In the last four years Coach Zauner's One on One Lessons have produced results for NFL Kickers: Sebastian Janikowski (2012 PRO Bowl), Billy Cundiff (2011 PRO Bowl), Josh Scobee and NFL Punters:  Jon Ryan, Dave Zastudil, Brett Kern and many other Pro Specialists.

As I have continued to work as a kicking coach, I have come to believe more than ever that 'A Specialist's Path to PRO Football' is a process that should begin and evolve during a specialist's college career with proper technique and training. 

Now, One on One Kicking, Punting and Snapping Lessons and PRO Development Camps have also paid dividends for Randy Bullock, Drew Butler, Brad Nortman and Kyle Martens. All four of these specialists have not only attended my PRO Development Camps and taken One on One Lessons, but they are also currently training in Phoenix, Arizona preparing for the 2012 NFL Combine February 22-28, 2012, their college PRO Day as well as the NFL Draft this April.

2012 Senior Bowl Photo Gallery:

Danny Smith Washington Redskins Special Teams Coach with South Specialists

Danny Smith Redskins Special Teams Coach Watches Field Goal Operation

Brad Nortman Punting During Senior Bowls Tuesday Practice
ESPN Analysts at Senior Bowl (Mike Mayock, Paul Burmeister and Charles Davis)
Kyle Wojta, Brad Nortman and Carson Wiggs Senior Bowl North Team Specialists
Carson Wiggs (Purdue) Kicking Field Goals During Tuesdays Practice

Mike Priefer (Vikings) Special Teams Coach Works a Drill with Kyle Wojta

U. of Wisconsin's Brad Nortman and Kyle Wojta  Senior Bowl Specialists  
Drew Butler (2009 Ray Guy) and Randy Bullock (2011 Lou Groza) Award Winners

The North Team Defeated the South Team 23 to 13 in the 2012 Senior Bowl

I would like to wish all the 2012 College Seniors the best of luck
 in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft and a future in the NFL. 

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