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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brendan Gibbons Dreams Come True

Brendan Gibbons has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse, zero to hero or  a nobody to a somebody in just about a year.  Who knows he might be on Jay Leno.  Why?  He made one of the biggest kicks of his career. 

Last night, Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons made an overtime game-winning 37-yard field goal to defeat Virginia Tech in the 2012 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. With the game coming down to special teams more times than not, Brendan gave his team the winning edge by hitting his third FG of the night to finish 13 of 17 on the season! 

Brendan Gibbons Drills 37 Yard Game Winner vs Virginia Tech in 2012 Sugar Bowl
Brendan Gibbons first worked with me at my January Arizona PRO Development Camp in 2011 and followed up with several One on One Kicking Lessons throughout the year. After struggling in the 2010 season going 1 of 5 in field goals, his goal was to improve and solidify himself as the number one kicker for the University of Michigan. 

Brendan was Confident!  Everyone Else Watches, Hopes & Prays For Game Winner
When we first met and worked together his passion and desire to improve was evident, however it was fundamentals that Brendan was lacking. As we continued to work together, we focused not only on his kicking technique, but also getting his confidence back.

As This Article Mentioned - Zero to Hero

As Brendan continued working during his football kicking lessons this past year, as a kicking coach I could easily see his improvement on the practice field. The key was how he would perform with his new kicking technique during competition and during a real game.  His dedication, hard work, and this seasons game experience has renewed his confidence and made him a much better kicker today.  Better technique and confidence is the key to every  athletes success.  
Brendan Gibbons Attends 2011 January PRO Development Camp For Kickers
During this 2012 Bowl season we have watched several kickers miss and make game winning field goals. Confidence, tempo and not changing your kicking technique is so important during pressure situations.  What made Brendan's field goal even more remarkable was, he took a false step but stayed relaxed and still kicked up and through the ball with the proper kicking mechanics.

Being able to make game winning pressure kicks can be one of the most important attributes a kicker can have and the best way to learn is on the job training. 

As a teacher I have always graded my students on their progress and improvement.  Brendan gets an A+ for his improvement with his kicking technique from last year to this year.  His final exam was his performance in the 2012 Sugar Bowl.

Brendan Works To Refine His Technique During A One on One Kicking Lesson 

Congratulations Brendan, and continued success!

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