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Thursday, August 11, 2011

College Senior Combine Specialists To NFL

Coach Zauner's 2011 College Senior Kicking Combine
Produces Results For Seven College Senior Specialists

Coach Zauner's
One on One Lessons, PRO Development Camps,
College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combine

'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'


Coach Zauner's 2011 College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine attracted 61 College Senior Specialists.  These (17) kickers, (20) punters and (24) snappers came to Phoenix, Arizona to show Coach Zauner their NFL, CFL and UFL potential.

These 61 specialists were not invited to the 2011 NFL Combine in Indianapolis and wanted to receive exposure to NFL, CFL, and UFL Personnel Directors and Special Teams Coordinators.

Because of the NFL Lockout this year many College Senior and Free Agent Specialists did not receive the same look or exposure they deserved.  However, the following (7) Seven College Senior Specialists that did attend Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine did sign free agent contracts and started the 2011 NFL season in training camps in July.  Many of these specialists also received One on One kicking, punting and snapping lessons and attended Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camps.

The following seven kicking specialists from Coach Zauner's 2011 College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine signed contracts with these NFL teams:  

Kickers:  Jake Harfman (USC) signed with Atlanta Falcons, Nathan Whitaker (Stanford) signed with Minnesota Vikings

Punters:  John Gold (U. of Texas) signed with Seattle Seahawks and Travis Baltz (U. of Maryland) signed with Indianapolis Colts

Snapper: Christian Yount (UCLA) signed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Utility Players and Snappers: Kyle Nelson (New Mexico State) signed with New Orleans Saints and Ryan Coulson (Nevada Reno) signed with the New England Patriots.

Kicker, Jake Harfman (USC) participated in Coach Zauner's One on One Lessons, and attended the 2011 January PRO Development Camp and February College Senior Specialist's Combine

Kicker, Nathan Whitaker (Stanford) attended Coach Zauner's 2011 College Senior Specialist's Combine, then received One on One Kicking Lessons & attended the May PRO Development Camp.

Punter, John Gold (U. of Texas) received One on One Punting Lessons in 2010, then attend Coach Zauner's 2011 January PRO Development Camp and 2011 College Senior Specialist's Combine.

Punter, Travis Baltz (U. of Maryland) attended Coach Zauner's 2011 College Senior Combine.

Snapper, Christian Yount (UCLA) received One on One Snapping Lessons in 2011 and attended Coach Zauner's College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine.

Snapper and Utility Player, Kyle Nelson (New Mexico State) attended Coach Zauner's 2010 May PRO Development Camp, assisted with One on One Snapping Lessons and attended the 2011 College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine.

LB, Defensive End, Utility Player and Snapper Ryan Coulson (Nevada Reno) received One on One Snapping Lessons in January of 2011 and attended both the January PRO Development Camp and College Senior Specialist's Kicking Combine.

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