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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Josh Scobee Ties NFL Record vs Ravens

Josh Scobee tied an NFL record with three field goals of at least 50 yards. He became the sixth kicker to hit three 50-yarders in a single game and the second to do so this season.

Most 50-Yard Field Goal in Game
NFL History

  Player                       50-yd FGsYear
     Josh Scobee                         32011
     Sebastian Janikowski                         32011
     Connor Barth                         32009
     Kris Brown                         32007
     Neil Rackers                         32004
     Morten Andersen                         31995

Jaguars 12 - Ravens 7

Above, Josh Scobee (Jacksonville Jaguars) working on his field goal and kickoff technique during a (3) Day One on One Kicking Lesson in Scottsdale, AZ with Coach Zauner in June of 2011.

Josh first came to Coach Zauner in the spring of 2010 after a so,so 2009 season. Josh started out very hot in 2010 in preseason not missing and then stringing together 13 straight during the regular season.  As he mentions in his testimoial below, after the bye he missed a couple of kicks and felt he had gone back to his old kicking technique.  He came back again this year for a three day workout and we also worked to improve his kickoff technique.

After watching Monday Night Football Game, Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars it looks like Josh is kicking and kicking off at a very high level and maybe having one of his best seasons.

Matt Nelson (Louisiana Tech) who is the current kicker at Tech participated in his own two day One on One Kicking Lesson.

Louisiana Tech Kicker Matt Nelson Holds for Josh Scobee

Click below to listen to Josh Scobee's Testimonials after working One on One Kicking Lessons with Coach Zauner the last two off seasons of 2010 and 2011.

Great game Josh and continued success!  It's very gratifing for any Coach to see a player he has worked with doing well.  But as I always say - 'Coaches Coach and Players Play'.  And all the credit goes to Josh or any kicking specialist because they're the ones that have to perform under the pressures of the game.

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