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Monday, March 14, 2011

NFL Lockout Update: Free Agent Combine

UPDATE: 03.14.2011


The extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is gone and an NFL Lockout is now in place.

As it currently stands, NFL Teams are restricted from having any contact with Free Agents while the Lockout is in place. This means NFL Coaches and Scouts will not be permitted to attend Coach Zauner's Free Agent Specialist's Combine March 28, 2011.

However, Coach Zauner will still be conducting the Free Agent Specialist’s Combine and has a game plan to ensure all specialists who attend, will get the exposure they need to NFL Coaches and Scouts even if the NFL teams are not able to evaluate them at the Combine.

At the recent NFL Combine, NFL Teams and Special Teams Coordinators expressed their need to have the information generated at Coach Zauner’s Combine. NFL Personnel said they are very impressed with the efficiency, professional manner and the quality of talent provided by Coach Zauner.

Now, with the lockout, Coaches have said it is even more imperative they obtain information about Free Agent Specialist’s in a manner other than by attending the event. Teams have said Coach Zauner could provide them with the information they need for player evaluation, in the form of a video similar to the College Senior Specialist's Combine video.

It is still possible restrictions will be lifted and NFL Teams will attend the Combine. However until that is determined, Coach Zauner says we'll just ‘Improvise and Adjust.’

It also important to note, all UFL Teams, and many CFL Teams have confirmed they will be in attendance. Neither of these leagues are, or will be impacted, by the CBA discussions.

Specialists attending the Combine should plan on this being an ‘all day’ event, starting at 8:45 am and ending at approximately 6:oo pm.

Specialists should make their travel plans accordingly.


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