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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jonathan Weeks...Free Agent Combine

Jonathan Weeks graduated from Baylor University with a dream of playing professional football. He was ready to give up on that dream until he met Coach Zauner. I created my College Senior and Free Agent Specialist's Combines or 'Field of Dreams' for Specialists to have a chance to fulfill there dreams. Jonathan is living proof.

At 5' 10 maybe and 245 pounds everyone was saying that Jonathan was too small. None of the teams were giving Jonathan a chance. However, on March 27, 2010 at Coach Zauner's Free Agent Specialist's Combine, Jonathan showed all 26 NFL, 4 CFL and 5 UFL teams that he had the talent to play in the NFL.

Jonathan just finished his first year as a professional football player with the Houston Texans.

When I first met Jonathan and he showed his ability to gain entrance into my Combine, I made a deal with him. I said if you make it you need to pay me back. He said no problem. However, the way I want you to pay me back is to work my PRO Development Camps here in Phoenix and work with other young snappers that have the same dream as you. He said 'Deal'.

This past weekend Jonathan Weeks (Houston Texans) and Danny Baugher (U. of Arizona and Las Vegas Locomotives) assisted me with my January PRO Development Camp for Snappers and Punters.

Coach Steve Hoppe / Jonathan Weeks / Coach Zauner / Dan Baugher / Erik Senst

Click below to listen to Houston Texans Long Snapper Jonathan Weeks talk about attending Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine. During the video he mentions that 32 teams were in attendance at my Combine. There were 26 NFL, 4 CFL and 5 UFL Teams in attendance.

Jonathan Weeks and Coach Zauner

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