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Saturday, March 5, 2011

College Senior Combine Success

Coach Zauner's 2011

College Senior Specialist's Combine... A Success!

Coach Zauner's Staff :

Nick Sundberg (Washington Redskins) Jonathan Weeks (Houston Texans) Scott Player (11 Yr. NFL Punter) Danny Baugher (Las Vegas Locomotives Punter)

Coach Zauner at Registration Meeting Coach discusses Snapping Talent with Sundberg & Weeks 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

Once again, with 61 college senior specialist’s attending, this year’s Coach Zauner Senior Specialist’s Combine turned out to be quite a success.

Regardless the challenges with the weather, each of the participants brought their game face and professional attitude to Phoenix, Arizona to show the me the level of their NFL, CFL and UFL potential.

This was a Combine, not a College-Pro Camp. I specifically design my College Senior and Free Agent Specialist’s Combines with a ‘game-day’ like format to evaluate specialist’s talent and to check their competitiveness and mental toughness. Just like in any ‘game like’ situation, some will rise to the challenge, and some won’t. I believe this format separates my Combines from other kicking coaches, combines or College-Pro Camps.

By the discussions I had with the players, and the testimonials I received from them, the specialists overwhelmingly endorsed this structure which reflects a ‘game day’ atmosphere. They believed, as I do, this Combine was exactly what they needed to be on ‘A Specialist’s Path to PRO Football’.

But rather than my speaking for them, just click on videos below to hear what many of kicking specialists who attended had to say about the Coach Zauner College Senior Specialist’s Combine.

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2011 College Senior Specialist's Combine Snappers Testimonials:

2011 College Senior Specialist's Combine Punters Testimonials:

2011 College Senior Specialist's Combine Kickers Testimonials:

Combine Assistants:

Coach Steve Hoppe, Erik Senst & Coach Billy Khayat

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