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Monday, August 30, 2010

Paul Edinger Kicking Lesson

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week Paul Edinger a former NFL Kicker with the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a two day evaluation and kicking lessons.

Paul had contacted me earlier in the year about participating in my Free Agent Specialists Combine in March but was unable to attend because of his signing with the Jacksonville Sharks of the AFL - Arena Football League Team.

After two days of kicking lessons with Paul Edinger I would say that he still has the ability to kick at the NFL or UFL Level. The big question will be if someone or some team will give him a chance.

Paul came to me already a good kicker. However, I believe I gave him a couple of things to think about and hopefully incorporate into his system of kicking that might even help take his game to a high level.

As kickers get older they always want to keep or improve their distance on field goals and escpecially on kickoffs. Most veteran kickers get replaced because of salary or because some younger kicker has a bigger leg.

When Paul contacted me and asked to come out to Scottsdale for me to evaluate him the first question I asked him was "Are you still using that unique stance in which you turned away from the line of scrimmage, spun around and then approached the ball?" He answered NO!

Paul mentioned he changed his stance and approach because he felt most NFL and UFL teams were not looking at him anymore or giving him a chance because of his unique approach.

After two days of kicking I believe Paul is kicking the ball straighter and further than when he arrived. I tried to stress staying a little more upright kicking field goals and kicking off.

The second day we started with the goal post warm up and mirror drill. After going through a kicking progression routine we address Paul's target line, alignment and approach issues. Paul has tried to change his approach and was not sure which one to use. After two days of kicking we figured out which way was best for Paul.

With one approach Paul seemed to aim and kick more balls to his left. With the other system he lined up his kicks more percisely and made every kick exactly were he was aimed.

As we continue through the kicking lesson we worked on kicking up and through the ball. The result was Paul felt more confortable kicking more upright and he said he felt smoother. He also mentioned that, he felt he was kicking the ball further with less effort.

The first day we also video taped his kickoff technique. The second day we worked on him kicking off up and through the ball and then hurdling. Once again Paul like it. The balls were traveling higher and further again with less effort.

I believe that Paul Edinger was very happy with his One on One Lesson. You can click below to listen to Paul's testimonial after working with Coach Zauner.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Paul and I wish him the best of luck getting back onto a professional football teams roster. Paul still has the talent at the age of 32. Paul just needs for some team to give him another chance.

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