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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Garrett Maloney Punting Lesson

On Monday and Tuesday I was working punting lessons with Garrett Maloney former Marquette High School football and basketball player. I have been working with Garrett for the last two years and this young man is getting better with each punting lesson.

This fall he will be a red shirt freshmen at the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) and is competing for the starting job as a punter. Garrett is also on the U. of St. Thomas basketball team.

Garrett also got an opportunity to work on his holding technique while University of Syracuse Kicker, Ryan Lichtenstein was taking his kicking lesson.

Ryan Lichtenstein & Garrett Maloney

Garrett's working hard this summer to be the starting punter and working hard also means working smart. Working smart means working proper fundamentals. Garrett always warms up with the drop progression drill. (See Below Photo)

During Garrett's punting sessions I have really been emphasizing a nose down drop and better foot to ball contact. The key to consistency is the drop and impact.

As Garrett's drop improved so did his impact on the ball. In the photo below you see Garrett hitting the ball directly on the top of his foot to achieve a perfect SNO Spiral Nose Over Punt.

By the end of day two of Garrett was punting up and through the ball with better consistency and almost every ball was turning over to his power zone. The key to a punter's success is Power Zone Punting.

The next step was for Garrett to hit the same consistent punt with a snap. When Ryan wasn't kicking he was help out snapping the ball the ball to Garrett. Both boys helped each other and got extra work during the two days of kicking and punting lessons.

Garrett is an excellent two sport athlete. However, to be a PRO athlete or punter you must be sooooooo much better than everyone else. Garrett is enjoying life, working hard and being a typical college student/athlete. Eventually he will need to specialize if he dreams on being an NFL punter.

It was a again a pleasure working with Garrett and I wish him the best of luck this season becoming the starting punter at the University of St. Thomas... go Garrett!

Side Note: Garrett has also attended my PRO Development Camp in Minnesota this year.

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