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Monday, August 2, 2010

Bryson Rose Kicking Lesson

On Saturday and Sunday Bryson Rose the kicker from Ole Miss was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a Kicking Lesson. He is getting his last tune up with a kicking coach so his kicking technique is perfect going into training camp.

Bryson has been to Arizona for a kicking lesson and has also had attended my June PRO Development Camp in Minnesota earlier this year.

He and a couple other kickers are competing for the starting job. Bryson had an excellent spring camp until the last two or three days and something effected his technique. He is back and getting on track to compete and win the job vacated by Joshua Shene.

Side Note: former Ole Miss kicker, Joshua Shene has also attended my PRO Development Camps and is heading to Arizona in a couple of weeks for a Kicking Lesson.

Bryson and Ryan Erxleben the sophomore punter from Texas Tech were in Milwaukee, WI for a Kicking and Punting Lessons back to back. Ryan did some holding for Bryson and the two hung out together and had a good time at the Mayfair Mall at night.

During the first lesson I watched Bryson warm up and start kicking. He made just about everything but had a wobble on the flight of his ball. In the spring One on One Kicking Lessons I was impressed with Bryson consistency at striking the ball and hitting a perfect end over end rotation.

I took several sequential camera shots of Bryson's foot position and technique. Half way through the lesson we headed to the press box to review his video and photos. I noticed a couple of slight flaws. His foot position on the ball was not perfect and he was kicking and crunching more than usual and ending up a little off balanced.

We headed back onto the field to correct the flaws with a couple of my drills. We ended the first session working on field goal timing and tempo. We addressed a couple of issues that came up in spring ball about quicker get off times that made Bryson a little uncomfortable.

Coaches wanted quicker times. What most coaches don't understand is that asking a kicker for quicker get off times can result in inconsistency in field goal accuracy. The correction must be made the correct way or the kicker will struggle. Football Coaches that don't know a lot about kicking just want results.

We ended the day and addressed most of Bryson's issues. I told Bryson to go back to the hotel and work the mirror drill and watch the DVD.

The next day we again went through some foot position drills and worked on eliminating the crunch. By the end of the second day Bryson was back making better foot to ball contact and stroking balls in from 5o plus yards with less effort. Good technique with timing, rhythm and tempo is the key to all kickers success.

It was again a pleasure working with Bryson. He is a perfectionist and wants to succeed and help his team win games. He has worked hard this year to be the starting kicker and I believe that his hard work will pay dividends in the future for not only himself but Ole Miss Football.

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