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Friday, April 9, 2010

Stitser & Waters Sign with NFL

Already two weeks after Coach Zauner's 2010 Free Agent Specialists Combine two players have been signed to contracts Clint Stitser, Fresno State and Swayze Waters, University of Alabama Birmingham.

In 2009 Coach Zauner's Free Agent Specialists Combine attracted 41 specialists.
Immediately after the 2010 Combine some players were talked to - see photo below. Shawn Slocum, Special Teams Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers talks to snapper, Zeke Moreno . Other players were called and contacted by phone. A couple of specialists were brought in a week or two later for tryouts.

Weeks and months later some players were signed by NFL, CFL and UFL Teams. In all 17 of the 41 players signed with various professional teams.
During this years event there were 31 professional teams in attendance and 64 kicking specialists showcasing their talents. There were 14 snappers, 21 punters and 29 kickers and kickoff specialists.

In the photo below Scott Cohen, Assistant GM for the New York Jets watches with others to evaluate the kicking talent.

Last Monday the New York Jets brought in two kicking specialists that caught Scott Cohen's eye at the combine to work out for Special Teams Coordinator Mike Westhoff; Jeff Wolfert, University of Missouri and Clint Stitser, Fresno State.

Jeff Wolfert, University of Missouri

Clint Stitser, Fresno State

After the workout Clint Stitser was signed by the New York Jets to compete in camp with Nick Folk for the starting job.

John Fassel, Special Teams Coordinator for the Oakland Raiders evaluates the kicking specialists. John was specifically at the combine looking for a combination kicker/punter to bring to camp to give Shane Lechler and Sebastian Janikowski a rest.

On Wednesday John called me and wanted to know my top five list of combination specialists.

On Friday he called me back and informed me that the Oakland Raiders were going to sign Swayze Waters, University of Alabama Birmingham to a contract next week.

In the above photo Swayze Waters competes with the other 29 kicking specialists. After the field goal section Swayze put on a show hitting a couple of big time punts catching the eye of many of the attending coaches and scouts.

Congratulations to Clint Stitser and Swayze Waters. I wish them the best of luck this year in camp competing for a starting job.

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