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Monday, April 5, 2010

Free Agent Specialists Combine

Coach Zauner's
2nd Annual Free Agent Specialists Combine
March 27, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona

On March 25 - 26, 2010 fifty six (56) free agent specialists came to Phoenix, Arizona to get evaluated trying to qualify for Coach Zauner's Free Agent Specialists Combine. A total of 87 specialists started out in the event and sixty four (64) made it into Saturday's showcase event.

A total of 24 NFL, 3 CFL (Canadian Football League) and 4 UFL (United Football League) Teams attend the event. It was a good turnout however it was a little disappointing for me that a six NFL and 2 CFL teams did not follow through on their verbal commitments.

On Saturday morning March 27, 2010 at 8:00 am I met with the Special Teams Coordinators, Special Teams Assistants, Pro Personnel Directors and Scouts.

In the photo above I am giving the group profile, background and contact information for all the specialists participating in the event. In this meeting I also went over the top list of sixty four (64) specialists that attended my College Senior Specialists Combine in Phoenix, Arizona February 20-21, 2010.
The event started at 8:45 am with the snappers testing and proceeded through the day with the punters and kickers. The event finished at 5:00 PM.
Following are photo's from the event:

Coaches Evaluate the Snappers

Zeke Moreno, USC - CFL Players and Snapper

Wilson Raynor, East Carolina University Snaps & Blocks

Derrick Frost, NFL Veteran Hits A Big Punt

Aaron Perez, UCLA Punts In Front Of Attending Coaches

Coaches Evaluating the Punting Talent

Packers Personnel Assistant & Shawn Slocum, Special Teams Coordinator

Larry McDuff, UFL Las Vegas and Scottie O'Brien, New England Patriots

Dallas Scout, Steelers and Giants Coaches Grade The Punters

Nick Novak, NFL Veteran Led The Kicking Group

Coaches Seeking Shade To Evaluate Kickers

Coach Zauner Talks To The Group Of 29 Kickers

My Assistants - UFL Coaches Billy Khayat Timing and Steven Hoppe Recording

Nick Schirtzinger, Lynsey Hoppe, Athletic Trainer and Billy Khayat

Phil Grams, DSV Video Consultant

Michelle Zauner, Marty Jessen and Angie Lawrence

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