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Friday, September 4, 2009

Scottsdale CC Kicking Specialist's

Tyler Rosenfield / Dillon Jackson / Josh Hubner

On Tuesday and Thursday of this week I worked with the kicking specialists at Scottsdale Community College here in Scottsdale, Arizona.
During the spring I met head coach Doug Madoski at SCC and he mentioned should I have some available time during the season if I would be willing to come out and spend a couple days with his kicking specialist's.
During the spring I was actually giving One on One Punting Lessons to Arizona's All State Punter Josh Hubner who is 6'2 225 lbs and was one of Desert Mountain High Schools top athletes. I mentioned to Coach Madoski if he didn't have a punter he should look at Josh.
So, when I showed up at practice on Tuesday there was Josh. Josh is a young good looking athlete that has a lot of potential and must continue to work on the basic fundamentals like all kickers and punters. During practice Josh hit several Power Zone Punts with excellent distance and hang time.

I also worked with three long snappers. One of the special teams coaches mentioned they were having some snapping issues. I took all three snappers for about 45 minutes and went through some fundamentals and drills. Just in that short amount of time all three snappers improved and thanked me for my assistance.

When I went back on Thursday it was special teams day. Scottsdale CC was preparing for their game this weekend with Mesa Junior College.

During practice I worked with the kicking specialists on more basic fundamentals. We worked on snapping 'Perfect Laces', the hold and timing on field goals.

Tyler Rosenfield Snapping 'Perfect Laces' to Josh Hubner

Josh Hubner Holding for Dillon Jackson

I have been giving a lot of One on One Lessons this year and I must say it was good to get back out on the field with the entire team and coach. I wish Coach Madoski and all the players at Scottsdale Community College the best of luck this season.

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