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Thursday, September 3, 2009

'Kicking For The Gold'

Coach Zauner

Kicking a ball for an Olympic gold. Wouldn't that be great. That's why I launched the Kicking For The Gold website.

While watching Michael Phelps win all his gold medals for swimming during the 2008 Olympics, I once again started wondering who was the greatest kicker in the world. Or to be more specific, who would be the best in the world at ‘kicking a ball’ for distance and accuracy.

I’ve worked with some of the greatest kickers and punters in the NFL, so I know some of the best kickers and punters in American football. But what happens when you throw into the mix soccer, rugby and Australian rules football players. Who, out of all these individuals, would kick a ball the highest, the furthest and with the greatest accuracy.

Considering ‘kicking a ball’ is perhaps the most wide-spread sports activity in the world, wouldn't it be fascinating to find out just who is the best at it! And what better way to find out then by making it an Olympic event."

Although I am getting interviews regarding 'Kicking For The Gold' from some of the top kicking specialists in the world, I would like to have input from every kicking specialist or anyone who is a fan of kicking.

To ensure everyone can voice their thoughts on Kicking For The Gold I am asking kickers -or kicking enthusiasts- to create a video and post it to YouTube with the tag: 'Kicking For The Gold'.

These videos should include a persons thoughts on how 'kicking' as an Olympic sport might be implemented. Should it be an individual or team sport? What kind of ball might be used? Should a new universal ball be created specifically for the event?

And perhaps most importantly, who do you think would be the best 'kicker' in the world? Would that be a football, soccer, rugby, or Australian rules football player. Or would it be someone who has never played the game?

Post your videos to YouTube and I will select some to post on 'Kicking For The Gold' website and this blog.

Here is a YouTube sample video created by James Wilhoit, former kicker from the University of Tennessee.

Perhaps together we can convince the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take this idea under consideration for the 2012 Olympics.

Stay Tune For More 'Kicking For The Gold' Blogs!

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