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Sunday, September 27, 2009

CA Redwoods UFL Training Camp

Coach Zauner in Training Camp with the UFL (United Football League) California Redwoods in Casa Grande, Arizona. The California Redwoods and the Las Vegas Locomotives are both training at this brand new facility. All photos by my media guy Craig Kasnoff.

Weight Room is being filled everyday with more weights.

Head Coach Dennis Green with Coach Zauner (Special Teams Coordinator)

Coach Zauner talking personnel with Coach Green

Coach Green, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. and Coach Zauner watching practice

Coach Zauner talking with assistant coaches before special teams practice

Coach Zauner organizing special teams practice

Coach Zauner working punt cover drill

Coach Zauner with Steve Hoppe, special teams assistant.

Coach Hoppe organizing punt rush scheme with return team

Coach Zauner working with Punt Return Team

Derrick Frost Punting during Special Teams Period

Coach Zauner uses camera to analyze Frost's Technique

Coach Zauner notices Frost over striding and falling back.

Derrick Frost working on shortening steps & drop

Nick Sundberg snaps to Derrick Frost while Coach Zauner times getoffs.

Coach Zauner taking photo's of Parker Douglass

Coach Zauner analyzes Parker Douglass technique

Coach Zauner trying Parker Douglass to use a little more hip!

Kicker Parker Douglass - South Dakota State works on timing

Nick Sundberg - Snapper from Cal. Berkeley

Derrick Frost - Punter from Northern Iowa and NFL Veteran

Coach Zauner talking to kicking specialists after workout

Derrick Frost, Coach Zauner, Nick Sundberg & Parker Douglass

Assistant Coach Zauner with Head Coach Michelle Zauner

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