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Monday, October 20, 2008

V. McBride Punter Chaparral H.S.

In the past two weeks I have worked with Arizona's Chaparral High School junior punter Victor McBride.

On Sunday we finished our second lesson and I must say that if Victor can refine his technique and become more consistent, college recruiters will be knocking on his door.

Chaparral High School's beautiful field turf facility. The Red Birds Head Coach is Charlie Ragle.

I have given many One on One Lessons at Chaparral High School and Victor has watched me work with many college and NFL kickers and punters.

Victor has a goal to be not only the starting punter at Chaparral High School but also earn a scholarship at a Division I College.

On the other side of the coin, I also noticed Victor punting one day in the summer and noticed that he is a good looking athlete with a big leg!

Victor has a good strong leg but is not fundamentally sound in his technique or mechanics. However, he has a lot of potential.

Like most high school, college and even NFL punters he has an inconsistent drop. Victor's biggest problem is various movements with his drop. In the photo below you can see Victors Nose Up Drop that causes not only him but every punter to hit a bad or poor punt.

On Sunday we worked on several basic fundamentals drills and put them on video for Victor to take home and work on when he gets back to practice next week at School.

I tried to emphasize 1) Catch, 2) lock the ball on the table and 3) focus on flat or nose down drop.

When Victor dropped the ball directly in front of his punting leg with a nose down, he punted some beautiful (SNO) Spiral Nose Over Punts to his Power Zone. As a junior in high school he hit a couple of 4.5 to 4.7 hang time punts.

That's pretty good! I know he has a passion for punting and I know he will get better quickly.

When Victor hit a good punt he transferred his weight and walked down field.

It was a pleasure working with Victor and meeting his family. I wish Victor and The Chaparral Fire birds and Coach Ragle, best of luck with their remaining games. "Go Fire Birds"

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