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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cory Paterson Aussie Rugby (PK)

Cory Paterson is a 21 year old Professional Rugby League Star Player for the Australian NewCastle Knights. Cory is big man at 6'5 and 235 pounds.

Australian Rugby and Aussie Football players have a reputation for not only being big but have strong kicking and punting legs. Examples of Australian Punters that have made it in the NFL in the last 15 years are Darren Bennett (Chargers), Saverio Rocco (Eagles), Ben Graham (Jets) and Matt McBriar (Cowboys). I don't believe there have been any Australian Rugby Kickers make it into the league to date.

Cory arrived in Dallas about a week ago. He has stopped here in Phoenix and will be traveling to San Francisco and Los Angles.

Cory is traveling with Cameron McGillivray who is the owner of OzPunt. Cameron is training and trying to help Australian Rugby and Aussie Rules Football kickers and punters make the transition of kicking a Rugby ball to kicking or punting a football.

Also, my assistant Shane Phillips who is an Australian punter felt more at home with Cameron and Cory in town. When we went out to dinner Tuesday night I had a little trouble translating their conversations. Boy, they talk funny!

In the photo below you can see that Australian punters and kickers are big guys, Shane is about 6'2 225 and Cory is about 6'5 and 235 pounds.

Cameron McGillivray (OzPunt) had heard about my Kicking Consulting Services and me through Shane. They were kicking mates back in Australia. Cameron decided that during his stop in Phoenix he wanted Cory to meet me and have a One on One Kicking Lesson..

Normally, I want everyone to take a minimum of two lessons but because of our schedules we could only fit in one lesson.

So, basically in the one lesson we kept it simple. Cory has had limited football kicking instruction. He mentioned he has watched a couple of NFL kickers instructional kicking videos.

I watched this big good looking athlete warm up and start kicking. He took three steps back and two steps over and go kick the stuffing's out of the ball. I could tell immediately that this young man had power but lacked fundamentals.

In the photo below, you see me talking basic fundamentals. Since we had only one lesson I wanted to stay very basic and simple with Cory. Also, in the photo you can see how big and strong Cory is compared to me.

While Cory was showing me his style of kicking I noticed his steps, starting position and approach distances were very erratic. Therefore, his kicking was a little erratic.

In the photo below we are going over basic information to resolve his problem with his steps and starting position.

Later in the lesson I introduced Cory to the One Step Drill. He struggled early because he tried to just mash the ball. I explained how the One Step Drill is a Technique Drill.

We emphasized and worked on technique and he quickly made a couple of adjustments. He nailed a couple of kicks down the middle. The Big Guy Smiled! He was catching on.

The next thing I noticed, Cory was kicking the ball a little different from various distances. He was kind of punching or guiding some of his kicks.

I wanted Cory kicking the ball exactly the same on every kick. I told him the best kickers and golfers have one smooth and consistent stroke and wanted him to try to kick the ball the same on every kick.

In the photo below we are trying to get Cory to kick up through the ball to my hand just like we did in the One Step Drill.

Once again Cory was a quick study and did it exactly like I wanted him to and he nailed another kick right down the middle. However, this kick had better elevation and a better rotation. The Big Guy Smiled Again!

In the photo below we are working on Cory's 'Perfect Plant'.

During the lesson I kept trying to get Cory to kick in rhythm and under control. At the end of the lesson I had Cory kick with a simulated snap and hold. He immediately attacked the ball and tried to kill it.

I told the Big Guy to slow down and kick in rhythm. We worked on slowing down his approach and letting his leg do the work rather than kicking with momentum.

Finally, at the end of the lesson he kicked a couple of field goal right down the middle and with good technique. He ended up down field and on balance. In the photo below you can see the Big Guy under control.

The One Day kicking lesson ended and I believe Cory was happy with what he learned.

After the lesson we took Cory to down town Fountain Hills and showed him the one of highest fountains in the world. Cory Paterson and the Fountain Hills Fountain have one thing in common, their both Big!

Next, Shane and I took Cory to one of the higher peeks in the Fountain Hills area and showed him another site. Off to the left of these two Australian mates you can see 'Red Mountian'.

It was a pleasure meeting Cameron McGillivary (OzPunt) and Cory Paterson (NewCastle Knights Star Rugby Player). I will stay in touch with both these gentlemen and I wish Cory the best in his Rugby career back in Australia.

I believe what Cory learned kicking a football will also help him kick a rugby ball.

Listen to Cory's Paterson's Testimonial Below:

View Cory Paterson Playing Rugby for the
NewCastle Knights

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