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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tom and Huw Collins Keep Kicking

On Monday and Tuesday Tom and Huw Collins were back in Scottsdale, Arizona for more One on One Kicking Lessons. The two mates are former professional rugby players from England.

I have blogged on two other occasions about the two young men working One on One Kicking Lessons here in Scottsdale.

The boys are training and kicking in Southern California. They come back to Scottsdale every couple weeks for me to see their progress. The two train hard and are very dedicated.

At the conclusion of each lesson they are kicking well and they like the results of the One on One lessons.

However, in my opinion when the two leave they seem to slip back into old habits.

For all the kickers and punters that come for One on One Lessons there must be follow up on drills and technique work. Video taping yourself and watching the Instructional DVD's I give to all my clients is a great way to stay on track.

Training and working out is great, but drills and technique work is the key to the correct muscle memory. I'm a firm believer in drills, drills and more drills for kickers trying to make a swing change. If there are no drills to emphasize technique it seems that most kicking specialists go back to their old habits.

Rugby players get one minute to prepare for a kick. An NFL kicker gets 1.25 to 1.35 seconds from snap to kick. This is usually they biggest adjustment for soccer and rugby players to make to be place kickers. Timing, rhythm and getting use to a rush!

At the end of our second lesson both kickers, kicked extremely well when we used a snap and hold.

Each session we try to keep progressing to their final goal! The boys will be back again in a couple of weeks for another update.

Stay tuned for Coach Zauner's Blog!