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Friday, May 30, 2008

NAIA Kicker NFL Bound???

Derek Doerfler was 23 of 32 on field goals his junior year at Baker University with eleven kicks outside 50 yards. Of those eleven field goal attempts outside 50 yards, he made seven with a long of 62 yards.

On Friday, which was Derek's third One on One Lesson, I gave Derek a pro style workout. This was the type of workout I would give a kicker, when I was a Special Teams Coach in the NFL for 13 years. It is very similar to the workout the NFL Combine administers to all the prospective kickers.

The one difference from my workout and the NFL Combine workout is, I don't and won't do an elevation drill. Matter of fact, I do not favor that drill. I would never make any of my kickers execute that drill. The reason being, kickers change their technique, just to get the ball over the cross bar to be successful for the drill. The drill gives a kicker bad muscle memory.

We started the 3rd lesson still working the one step drill to emphasize some of the fundamentals Derek still needed to work on. Once he was loose and hitting his kicks solid we started the field goal workout. (Derek's workout will be available on the One on One Lessons in a couple of days.)

The first part of the workout consisted of 10 field goals from both hashes and from various distances. We started with 30 yard field goals and progressed back to 50 yards in 5 yard increments. Derek made 9 straight kicks. However, he missed his last kick from 50 yards on the right hash. (Note: In yesterdays blog I mentioned that the right hash has caused Derek some problems during the first two lessons.) I must say he killed all the other kicks from the right hash directly down the middle.

The second part of the workout consisted of long range field goals. The distances on these field goals was 55 and 57 yards. The objective is to evaluate each kickers leg strength and to see if he still kicks with the same form.

Derek hit one of two field goals or 50% from both 55 and 57 yards.

Just a quick note to my readers. When I administered a workout to any kicker or punter that has NFL potential, I use almost brand new (K) balls. Derek was kicking these (K) balls with authority. It was a very impressive exhibition.

We finished the workout with kickoffs. Derek warmed up with a couple of two step kickoffs and progressed to full kickoffs. Derek's leg was a little tired after three days of kicking, so I limited him to only six kickoffs. I won't list all the stats, but the kid can also kickoff. Derek had two touch backs with his best kickoff going 7 yards deep in the end zone.

After working with Derek for the last three days, it is my opinion and evaluation that next year will be great for this young man from Baker University and the NFL will be knocking on his door next spring.

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