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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going Back East to Baltimore

Thursday morning, my wife (Michelle) and I woke up at 4:00 AM to catch a flight back to Baltimore for a little business, golf and Coach Brian Billick's daughter's wedding.

We arrived in Baltimore this evening and boy was it chilly. Of course the last 4 days in Phoenix its been upper 90's to 107 degrees. It was about a 40 degree temperature swing.
The four years I coached for the Baltimore Ravens, Michelle and I met a lot of really nice people.

So, this weekend we need a little private time away from kicking lessons.

However, at the wedding, assistant coaches and personnel people from around the league will be in attendance. Look forward to seeing Mike Smith, the new head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, who was my roommate when we coached together for five years at San Diego State. I will try to do some networking for my consulting business.

Also, I was fortunate to combine business with the Greensprings/Elkridge Memorial Weekend Golf Tournament. This is a two day, (home and home) golf tournament for two of the oldest and most prestige's clubs in Baltimore County.

John Worthington, a good friend and long time Ravens fan has invited me to be his guest We have played together for the last five years. Golf is a great way to have run, relax and keep up friendships. John and I always have a great time together!

John is a 3 handicap and excellent golfer. He has a pretty and smooth swing, that is why his buddies all call him "butter". He swings like a knife going through melted butter. Oh yes, Coach is once again playing as a 12 handicap. I have no nicknames for my golf swing. However, everyone calls me 'Coach' and that's pretty much the way I compete. I'm a grinder and very competitive.

We always do well when we play together, but John carries our team with his consistent golf game.

Since, I have so many things going this weekend, and so little time, it will be very difficult to blog!
Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend celebration.

Next week I have several new kickers and punters scheduled for One on One Lessons.
Stay tuned to Coach Zauner's Blog!