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Friday, May 16, 2008

Letters to NFL Teams

For the last couple of days, I've been writing several letters with different themes to NFL teams.
The theme of each letter is just a little different. First, I sent letters to rookie and free agent kickers and punters, followed by letters to veteran kickers and punters. Next, I sent letters to all the NFL Head Coaches and Special Teams Coaches.

The Bottom Line: I believe Coach Zauner, LLC can help College and NFL teams in various ways.

After working this Spring with Mike Vanderjagt, Mitch Berger, Scott Player, and most recently Rian Lindell, I truely believe, more NFL veteran kickers and punters should have a kicking or swing coach.

Bobby April, Special Teams Coach with the Buffalo Bills sent Rian Lindell to me to improve his distance on kickoffs, his distance and accuracy on directional kickoffs. Bobby sent this testimonial of endorsement for my consulting services:

"Knowing Coach Zauner's expertise and experience in developing and improving kickers, I recommended to our kicker, Rian Lindell, that he take advantage of Coach Zauner's consulting services. Rian invested in a visit with Coach Zauner. Although he is an 8 year NFL veteran and an excellent student of the game he came back very impressed and informed about ways to improve his method of kicking."

Bobby April, Buffalo Bills - Assistant Head Coach & Special Teams Coordinator

One way Coach Zauner, LLC can help specialist and teams, first, is to evaluate specialists, second, is to train specialists and third, find undiscovered talent or sleepers.

I post players on my website so NFL teams can view these specialists going through an NFL type workout.

This is just a sample of the content of one of the letters sent out this week to NFL teams.

Several NFL Head Coaches, GM’s and Special Teams Coaches contacted me prior to the draft and viewed the One on One lessons on my website. These lessons included some of the top college kickers, punters and snappers in this year’s draft. Of the 10 players sent to me, six (60%) were either drafted or signed as priority Free Agents.

Some of the 2008 draft eligible specialists I gave One on One Lessons to included:

· Taylor Mehlhaff (PK) – U of Wisconsin – Drafted 6th Rd. Saints
· Tyler Schmitt (LS) – San Diego St. – Drafted 6th Rd. Seahawks
· Brett Kern (P) – U of Toledo – Free Agent Broncos
· Garrett Hartley (PK) – U of Oklahoma – Free Agent Broncos
· Kenny DeBauche (P) – U of Wisconsin – Free Agent Packers
· Nick Jarvis (LS) – Wake Forest – Free Agent Jets

Not only did I work with college specialists, I also coached veteran NFL kickers and punters. This spring Mike Vanderjagt, Scott Player, Mitch Berger, Rian Lindell and other specialists participated in my One on One lessons here in Arizona. The results were excellent! In the 2007 season Mitch Berger signed with the Cardinals and in 2008 Scott Player signed with the Patriots. Their workouts are on my website:

Two sleepers teams can view on my website, waiting to be discovered are Garret Palmer, (San Diego State, combination Kicker / Punter) and Shane Phillips (Australian Punter).

I hope these letters will get more NFL Special Teams Coaches to check out my website and give the kickers, punters and snappers more exposure.

Tomorrow, I have Tyler Cope, a kicker from Oregon State coming to Scottsdale, for some One on One Lessons.

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blog!