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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The NFL Combine

Coach Zauner (left) with Tyler Schmitt (right). Tyler is a long-snapper who has been invited to participate in the NFL Combine. Click here to view Coach Zauner's recent coaching workout with Tyler Schmitt.

This has been a busy week for me as I have been getting ready to leave for the NFL Combine on Wednesday. It's going to be great to have the opportunity to see 'up close and personal' some of the new talent seeking their place in the NFL (and perhaps even NFL history!).

But as exciting as it is to think about those new faces that will be seen at the NFL Combine...I also have to wonder about all the eager faces that won't be there!

Today, I talked to three high profiled agents on the phone that handle not only NFL position players, but also some high profiled veteran kickers and punters. They also, have some kickers and punters that are draft eligible in this years draft in April ,and their players were not invited to the combine.

As we talked on the phone about these agents sending their specialist to me to prepare them for their Pro Day's at their Colleges in March, they all asked me the same question. "I can't believe my kicker wasn't invited to the combine. Did you see the list of kickers and punters selected?".

And they would continue, "Who, and how do they determine which kickers are invited to the combine?".

Well, it's a good question. Especially for those players who didn't who 'didn't' make it to the combine. And for the agents and coaches who represent them.

When I was a coach in the NFL I couldn't figure out myself. What is the criteria the combine people used to invite the punters and kickers to this event. They always said it was grades by certain area and regional scouts and combine people.

There was a always a wide variety of talent at the combine each year.

The funny part of this whole thing was when I would be on the road at many Colleges Pro Days, scouts would always ask me what I thought about a certain punter or kicker and they would always preface there remarks by saying "I really don't know how to evaluate those guys accept what my watch tells me!" Gary what do you think?

I think one of the things I will do this year at the NFL Combine is to attempt to gather more information about what it takes to 'make the cut' and get invited to this amazing event. I think this information could be helpful to many players, coaches and agents who would like to be represented there.

Thru the years I have seen so many kickers, punters and snappers make NFL rosters that have not been invited to the combine! I just wonder what the quality of talent is going to be this year.

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