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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ike Powell University of Auburn Snapper, NFL Prospect

NFL Prospect, Ike Powell University of Auburn Snapper

Ike Powell Univeristy of Auburn Snapper
In July of 2018 I first met Auburn University's snapper, Ike Powell when he attended Coach Zauner's Snappers ONLY 'Vital Man' Training Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Ike Powell working Drills at Coach Zauner's 'Vital Man' Training Camps
In the last several years Coach Zauner has worked with many of the top High School, College and Free Agent Snappers.  His ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons and Snapper's ONLY 'Vital Man' Training Camps have exposed young Snappers to a PRO Style of Snapping, Blocking and Coverage Techniques. 
Ike Powell (Auburn University) working Coach Zauner's Line Drill
In 2016 twenty-four snappers attended the July Snappers ONLY Training Camp in Milwaukee, WI. These camps were designed specifically for any High School Elite or College Snapper that has a dream of playing in the NFL.  

Ike Powell (Auburn University) Coach Zauner's Wisconsin 'Vital Man' Training Camp
In these 'Vital Man' Training Camps, I try to expose all these young snappers to a PRO Style of snapping, various types of blocking footwork, protections and coverage technique.
Coach Zauner Instructs as Ike Powell and Other Snappers Listen

In 2017 Ike Powell returned again to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for his next Coach Zauner's 'Vital Man' Training Camp.  This camp had 20 high skilled and motivated snappers.  There was a lot of drill work on snapping consistency, NFL protection footwork, and various blocking techniques.
Scott Daly (Notre Dame), Nolan Dowling (W. Kentucky), Hunter Bradley (Mississippi St.) and Ike Powell
Scott Daly (Notre Dame) and Nolan Dowling (Western Kentucky) were in the 2017 NFL draft and were back in camp trying to get better.  Both were invited to NFL mini camps but were not signed to contracts. 
Ike Powell Attends Coach Zauner's 2017 'Vital Man' Training Camp in Wisconsin
These 'Vital Man' Training Camps are producing results for many college snappers. Ike Powell  and Tanner Carew (University of Oregon) were both invited to the 2018 Reese's Senior Bowl while Jake Wirsching (Bemidji State) was invited to the 2018 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl and Hunter Bradley (Mississippi State) attended the East / West Shrine Game.

For two years I have seen Ike Powell up close during these Snappers 'Vital Man' Training Camps.  He is always listening and looking to get better and has show me to be very coachable.  

South Specialists: JK Scott (Alabama), Ike Powell and Daniel Carlson (Auburn)
Auburns specialists have benefited from having Ike as their snapper.  This year Auburn's kicker, Daniel Carlson along with Ike Powell have both been rewarded for their success with an invite to Reese's 2018 Senior Bowl.  

I have seen Ike for two years in camp and will work with him more after the Senior Bowl when he moves to Phoenix, Arizona to continue his training.   I believe Ike is a NFL Prospect.  He is one of the top snappers coming out in this years 2018 NFL Draft. 

I wish Ike the best of luck in pursuing his dream of playing on Sundays for an NFL Team.
Ike Powell University of Auburn and Coach Zauner at 2018 Reese's Senior Bowl

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