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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Coach Zauner's Programs Produce Results For College Specialists

Coach Zauner's Programs Produce Results For College Specialists

"My Happiness as a Teacher/Coach comes from the success my Students/Specialists receive!"

This Year I Was A Very, Very, Very Happy Teacher and Coach!

Throughout my 40+ coaching career, I have now coached, consulted and trained 120 plus NFL and CFL kicking specialists, including 25 PRO Bowlers. And these numbers are increasing every year.

This was a very good year for Coach Zauner's Programs.  After coaching 11 years in college at BYU, San Diego State, University of New Mexico and Long Beach State and another 13 years in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals I decided to go back into my Snapping, Punting and Kicking Consulting Business. 

Since 2007 I have been doing ONE on ONE Snapping, Punting and Kicking Lessons for high school, college, free agent and professional specialists.  I also offer PRO Development Camps in January and May in Arizona and July in Wisconsin for all levels of kicking specialists.

A big part of Coach Zauner's Programs and NFL Networking are the College Senior Combine in February and the Free Agent Combine in March.  Both are producing results for NFL and CFL Teams and all the specialists attending.
Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Produce (6) Snappers on NFL Rosters
After a long summer of training and specialists going into training camps several snappers that have participated in Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs made NFL rosters. 
2018 Snapping and Kicking Award Winners
In December I first learned that one of my prize ONE on ONE students, Jace Christmann (Mississippi State) was honored by receiving the SEC All Freshman Award followed with a 2018 Freshman All-American Award.   Congrats to Jace!  He was a walk-on kicker that deserves to be rewarded with a scholarship!

Jace Christmann - Mississippi State Kicker 
In August I learned another ONE on ONE Kicker and walk-on at the University of Utah had made the roster.  In September became the starter and in December won the Lou Groza Award.  What a story that was.  Congrats to Matthew Gay for his unbelievable achievement.  As a walk-on he also deserves a scholarship. 

Walk-on Kicker, Matthew Gay 2018 Lou Groza Award Winner!
After the 2017 football season in late December the post season Bowl Games invites went out.  It was a great year for Snappers.  

In the last 9 years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs have produced 25 Snappers on NFL and CFL rosters.  This is probably a result of many of these snappers come to Arizona for ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons, attend my Snappers ONLY 'Vital Man' Training Camps and then participate in either of my College Senior or Free Agent Combines. 

Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs Produced Results for College Snappers
First Tanner Carew Called me in late November to inform me of his invite to the 2018 Reese's Senior Bowl. Next, Jake Wirsching (Bemidji State) was selected for the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.  Then Ike Powell was selected to the Senior Bowl.  Finally, Hunter Bradley was invited to the East / West Shrine Bowl.  Congrats to all the snappers for their hard work throughout their careers and getting well deserved Bowl Game invites. 

Joe Cardona (Patriots), Rick Lovato (Eagles) and Jeff Overbaugh (Vikings)
In January of 2018 came the NFL Playoff Games. Three of the Snappers playing in the Semi-Final Games had all attended my PRO Development Camps for Specialists.  Now, I have re-named those Camps to Coach Zauner's Snapper's ONLY 'Vital Man' Training Camps.  More geared to Snappers that have a Dream to play in the NFL someday. 

I'm proud to say I worked many ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons with Jeff Overbaugh (San Diego State) and Rick Lovato (Old Dominion) for years. I hope I played a small part in their success during their careers.  Below is a great picture of the two snappers after their playoff game.  
Rick Lovato (Philadelphia Eagles) and Jeff Overbaugh (Minnesota Vikings)
So, after looking at everything that happened this year and all the awards have come out, I am very  Happy with the impact Coach Zauner's Programs are having in todays Kicking World.

Coach Zauner's Programs Are
'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

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