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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coach Zauner's Programs Develop Tight Ends as NFL Snappers

Coach Zauner's Adds New Division To Develop Tight Ends as NFL Snappers

"I Believe a Tight End Is The "PERFECT ATHLETE" to Develop Into an NFL Snapper"
Coach Zauner - As a former 13 year NFL Special Teams Coordinator, the 2nd and 3rd Tight Ends must be an integral part of the Special Teams Unit when putting together the Final 53 Man NFL Roster. NFL GM's, PRO Personnel Directors and Special Teams Coordinators are fully aware that playing Tight End requires the rare combination of the strength and blocking skills of an offensive lineman with the speed and hands of a wide receiver.  A Tight End's ability to either backup at his position, contribute on Special Teams, punt and field goal snap or eventaully develop into the starting snapper significantly improves his value to the team. 
This is why Coach Zauner has hired Billy Khayat to head up his new Tight End/Snapper Coaching Division. Billy not only coached and played Tight End in the NFL, but also was a long snapper. He knows from personal expierence that snapping at an NFL backup or starting level could have significantly lengthened his NFL playing career.
BILLY KHAYAT (Duke University) Tight End with Carolina, Kansas City & Dallas
"I firmly believe that if I had met Coach Zauner during my days as a College or NFL player, the combination of my raw ability to snap with his expert instruction of technique specific to the position would have greatly enhanced my chances of becoming a full-time NFL Snapper."
I've been associated with Coach Zauner for the past several years as an NFL assistant and as a part of his PRO Development Camps, College Senior Combine and his Free Agent Combine.  During this time, I've watched him build quality relationships with his specialists though not only his personality, but with his ability to give instruction specific to the intricacies of snapping, punting and kicking. I made the decision to join his team full-time after several years of watching him consistently develop specialists into accurate, dependable and valuable players on the field. His passion for instructing these historically under-coached positions resonated with me as a former Tight End.  Since first stepping on to the playing field in 1987, I have been either playing or coaching Tight End. I learned quickly that the position and those playing it were an afterthought despite the importance of their role.  With great enthusiasim, I have been on a crusade to give Tight Ends the respect that they hae earned.
 Snapping Can Make The Difference in Your Career As An NFL Tight End

Coach Zauner's Programs Are
"A Specialists Path To PRO Football"

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