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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brendan Gibbons: Full Circle Kicking Career

Kicking Lessons and PRO Development Camps 
produce results for U of Michigan's 
Senior Kicker, Brendan Gibbons
Brendan Gibbons Works on Technique During One on One Kicking Lesson
For the last two years Shawn Gibbons has invested his time, energy and money to help his son be the best he can be as a college kicker.  Of course what else would a father do for his son.
Shawn and Brendan Gibbons in Phoenix, Arizona For Kicking Lessons
After Brendan started his college career at the University of Michigan with a 1 of 5 field goal start he  and his father Shawn started to check out kicking coaches around the country.

Michigan had just changed head coaches and special teams coaches and Brendan was hoping for a new start.  After zeroing in on a kicking coach Brendan's father Shawn decided to try the Coach Zauner, LLC Programs.

In 2011 they attended Coach Zauner's January PRO Development Camp for kickers.  They followed it up with One on One Kicking Lessons in March, June and July.  They invested time and money and liked the improvement Brendan was making.  
Brendan Gibbons Works Technique and Competes During PRO Development Camp
In the fall Brendan competed in training camp with other kicking specialists and came out on top becoming the starting kicker for the Michigan Wolverines under new Head Coach Brady Hoke. 

Gibbons Kicks Winning Field Goal in 2012 Bowl Game vs Virginia Tech

Sports writer Andy Reid contacted me about Brendan's 'full circle kicking career'.  Hear it in his own words. Click to read article: Take Flight: Hard Work And Perseverance Helped Brendan Gibbons Turn His Career Around

It's been a real pleasure meeting and working with Brendan and I wish him the best of success in the future.
Brendan Gibbons (U of Michigan) and Coach Zauner After Kicking Lesson

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