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Monday, December 10, 2012

Army vs Navy Game

Jeremy Jonas - West Point Military Academy

On Saturday I received an email from Jeremy Jonas who at the present time is deployed in Afghanistan.  

I first met Jeremy in the spring of 2012 when he visited for a One on One Snapping Lesson looking to qualify for my Free Agent Specialist's Kicking Combine.   At 6' 6 260 pounds Jeremy definitely had the size NFL teams want but lacked the snapping consistency. 
Jeremy Jonas Snaps Perfect Laces at 2012 Free Agent Combine
While serving for his country Jeremy also worked on refining his snapping skills, trying to qualify for the Free Agent Combine.  When Jeremy came back for the Combine he had definitely improved.  

Jeremy Jonas Snaps and Blocks at 2012 Free Agent Combine
About a month after the Free Agent Combine, Jeremy was deployed to Afghanistan and is there defending our country and training others to defend theirs. 

My thoughts and prayers are with Jeremy as he serves and defends our country in a foreign land. Just wanted to share a short email from Jeremy and his thoughts with you:

Jeremy Jonas with Afghan Uniform Police
Coach Zauner,

Today marks the 113th matchup between one of America’s most storied college football rivalries.  Army vs Navy.  With that, football is once again foremost in my mind.  I’m sure you will enjoy this photo taken to commemorate today's game as I watch it for the first time as a deployed soldier.  It’s truly amazing to finally see firsthand the impact of the game on soldiers and morale on this tiny FOB here in Afghanistan.  As it stands, we have less than 75 days until we return back stateside.  Since we landed here in June, our sole purpose has been to train and mentor the Afghan Uniform Police, improving them technically and tactically.  As with all things, the mission has had highs and lows but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.  I look forward to returning home and sharing my experiences here in Afghanistan with you.  I have been able to continue working out in prep for the upcoming 2013 combine.  My return date is scheduled for February 22nd, and sometime following I would like to visit for a one on one lesson prior to the combine to fine tune some things.  Please let me know if anything is available.  I look forward to hearing from you.

1LT Jeremy Jonas

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