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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Distinctive Characteristics Among Positions

NFL insiders say they often see distinctive characteristics among positions

Article by Lori Nickel
Journal Sentinel
April 19, 2011

...Kickers: Gary Zauner, 60, coached in the NFL for years and now works independently with kickers in Arizona. He said some the best kickers he's known - Ryan Longwell, Adam Vinatieri, Kevin Butler, Jan Stenerud - were mentally tough.

"You know the doctor who maybe doesn't have the best bedside manner? And you still don't care, as long as the guy can operate?" Zauner said. "I want a kicker who doesn't get too excited, who doesn't ride too many highs or lows, who makes the kick. And it helps to have a little amnesia. If you're worried about the last kick, you're not going to make the next.

"Ryan Longwell once said all these young kickers were so much better than him now, physically. The difference, he said, was that he knew he was going to make the kick."

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