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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Genesis Pro Kickoff Tee

About two and half years ago I gave One on One Lessons to San Diego State Kicker, Garrett Palmer here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Garrett was a big good looking kicker with a great personality.

For the last couple of years Garrett has pursued his dream to be an NFL Kicker.  He competed at my 2009 and 2010 Free Agent Combines, kicked in the indoor Arena League and this year is trying to make a UFL Roster.  While pursuing his dream Garrett has come up with a great idea.  A better kickoff tee.

Garrett has designed the 'Genesis Pro' Kickoff Tee.  He designed it because he and many other kickers want to lean the ball forward more and can't on the NFL kickoff tee.  He played around with many different ways to get a better lean on the ball and created the present day tee.  The Genesis Pro.

He sent the tee to me to get my opinion.  I said what I think doesn't matter but more importantly the opinions of several NFL kickers.  Two weeks ago Jeff Reed (Pittsburgh Steelers & S.F. 49ers) tried the tee out and loved it.  Jeff was going to give a testimonial but Garrett had not given the tee a name.

Recently Garrett named the new tee 'Genesis Pro'.  I believe after working with several college and NFL kickers it is going to be a winner.

On Thursday I had a One on One Lesson with Fabrizio Scaccia.  Fabrizio has kicked with the AFL Arizona Rattlers, and UFL Sacramento Mountain Lions in 2010.  After the 2010 season he signed as a free agent with the S.F. 49ers in December and has signed a futures contract for the 2011 season.  Because of the NFL lockout Fabrizio is kicking once again for the Arizona Rattlers.

Click below to listen to Fabrzio Scaccia's Comments after using the 'Genesis Pro" Kickoff Tee.

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