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Monday, October 18, 2010

'Opportunity for One on One Training' Program

Recently, I posted information to my website about a new program I created for kicking specialists who could not afford the training necessary to take them to a professional level.

It’s called Coach Zauner’s ‘Opportunity for One on One Training’ Program.

To be entirely honest, this program wasn’t really my idea. It is actually an idea that developed from a conversation with kicking specialist Fabrizio Scaccia, who not long ago, asked me to train him, even though he couldn't afford my kicking lessons.

Doug Bercu Brought Fabrizio Scaccia to Arizona to Meet Coach Zauner

Fabrizio said if I would train him to a level where he could play professional football, then he would pay me out of his future earnings as a professional football player.

I thought it was an interesting proposition. And after considering Fabrizio’s circumstances (which you can read about on my website; coachzauner.com it was one I was willing to consider.

You see, over the years, I have trained quite a few kicking specialists at the high school, college and professional levels. One of the ‘gaps’ I have found in the ‘system’ is how often, a kicking specialist with a great deal of ‘talent’ and ‘potential’, cannot reach his full potential because he lacks the resources to get the proper training and coaching.

There is no question there are many young kicking specialists who have the talent and desire to play professional football, however they lack the funds to get the proper training they need.

Fabrizio Scaccia was one of these kicking specialists.

And like so many before him, he was on the verge of losing his dream of playing professional football because he didn’t have the money to get the coaching and training he needed. In other words, he was quickly loosing his window of opportunity.

And this was truly unfortunate.

Personally I don’t believe pursuing a dream of playing professional football should only belong to those players who come from a solid financial background. I think dreams should belong to anyone who has both the skills and the commitment.

Therefore, I went ahead and entered into an agreement with him where I would train him to a level to play professional football, and he would pay me once he was playing.

The agreement had the potential to be a ‘win-win’ for the both of us. And that is how it has turned out.

After 23 lessons, Fabrizio signed with a AFL team -Arizona Rattlers-, and shortly after signed a contract to play in the UFL with the
Sacremento Mountain Lions. That is where he is now playing.

After entering into this agreement with Fabrizio, I saw it’s possibility for success. So I decided to expand and include other kicking specialist’s who had both a financial need, and the talent to play professional football. I am now working with three individuals.

It is important to note at this point this Opportunity Program is totally independent of any of Coach Zauner’s College and Free Agent Specialists Combines or One on One kicking, punting and snapping lessons.

It is for kicking specialists I feel have NFL potential and with additional training will take their game to the next level and secure a job in the NFL, CFL or UFL.

You cannot apply for this program.

In order to be eligible you must first attend a Coach Zauner One on One kicking, punting or snapping lessons, PRO Development Camp or Combine. It’s key is I see you in person to be able to evaluate your true potential as a NFL prospect.

The kicking specialists currently in my Opportunity Program are players I have seen at a One on One kicking, punting or snapping lessons, PRO Development Camp, College Senior or Free Agent Specialists Combine. They have already demonstrated to me a high level of ability and commitment to reach their potential.

After reviewing and analyzing their technique I felt, that with extra coaching and training. they could take their game to a professional level.

If a player impresses me with their potential, and if they have a financial need, I will approach the player and ask him if he would be interested in participating in my 'Opportunity for One on One Training' Program.

It’s really that simple.

I believe this Opportunity Program is a good idea. And I am hoping that over the years, I can help other kicking specialists like Fabrizio Scaccia reach their professional dreams.

Only time will tell for sure, but for now, it’s off to a good start.

I plan to post updates to the progress of kicking specialists involved in my 'Opportunity for One on One Training' Program.

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