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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Bowl PK's Stover & Hartley

Two weeks ago after Garrett Hartley made his game winning field goal to send the New Orleans Saints into their first Super Bowl my Business Consultant and Website Designer, Craig Kasnoff turned and said to Michelle and I, "So, you have two of your former kickers, kicking in this years Super Bowl."

I really never even thought about it. When I think of the Indianapolis Colts I think of Adam Vinatieri not Matt Stover.

But now that I have had time to think about what Craig said to me it really is pretty neat. If I had just coached one kicker it would have been a special feeling but knowing I have an association with both kickers it is really a special "Super" feeling.

During my four years as the Special Teams Coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens I had the privilege of working with and coaching Matt Stover.

Matt is a true professional in his work habits and preparation for not only kicking but as a father and husband.

This will be Matt's second Super Bowl appearance. Matt was the kicker for the Baltimore Ravens when they won Super Bowl XXXV vs the New York Giants.

I wish Matt the best of luck this Sunday in his quest for a second Super Bowl ring.

Comments by Matt Stover about working with Coach Zauner in Baltimore:

“Gary and I had a tremendous working relationship for four years with the Baltimore Ravens.His attention to detail and ability to observe and coach my style of kicking, helped me stay on track to an 87.6% accuracy during our time together. The working environment Gary created for me allowed me to become more efficient and effective as a NFL Place Kicker.” If you’re a NFL or College kicker having a kicking problem or just looking for some expert kicking instruction I would highly recommend giving Gary a call!” Comments: 6 / 2007

Matt Stover #3 – 18th Season NFL Kicker – Ravens and Browns
Pro Bowl’s 1999 and 2000 and Two Time Pro Bowl Alternate

Click below to watch Matt Stover 'Style of Kicking' which is posted on my website in the "Art of Kicking" section.

New Orleans Saints Kicker - Garrett Hartley

Two years ago Garrett Hartley was sent to me by his agent for a two day Kicking Lessons. I knew right away this young man had some kicking talent.

Jim Goodman who was the General Manager for the Denver Broncos called me and asked me to find him a punter and kicker. The spring of 2007 after individual punting and kicking lessons I recommended both Brett Kern (University of Toledo) and Garrett Hartley (University of Oklahoma). The Broncos after the draft signed both players to free agent contracts.

Just before training camp Garrett was release. The reason was that the Broncos needed to create a another roster spot for another position player. Garrett was devastated.

For several weeks he kicked to stay in shape back at school in Norman, Oklahoma. We talked by phone a couple of times but I could tell this young man was frustrated.

A couple of weeks later the Saints, Director of Pro Personnel called. The Saints were holding a workout to tryout some kickers. They wanted to know my list of the top kickers available. I recommended a couple of veterans Billy Cundiff and Dave Rayner and a couple of rookies. Garrett Hartley was one of those rookies.

The announcement was made and Garrett won the spot. He kicked the last 8 games and was a perfect 13 for 13. I was very happy for him after what had happened to him in Denver.

Last spring Garrett came to Scottsdale, Arizona and we worked on his kickoff technique. He left after one day and felt very good about his kickoff technique.

In the summer he went to training camp but the league issued him a four game suspension. I once again called Garrett and told him to hang in there. John Carney was signed and Garrett said he was learning a lot from John. John is is one of the all time great kickers in NFL history.

Late in the season the Saints decided to go back to Garrett and he was now kicking once again at a very high level.

From a distance I have watched Garrett kick and watched him grow as a young man. He has stayed the course with the ups and downs of NFL and life.

So, when he was getting ready for that game winning kick against the Vikings. I said to my wife I hope he will just kick it like he kicks in practice. He kicked it high, long and straight. He played a little draw like he normally does. The football was right down the middle.

On Sunday I wish Garrett and his team , New Orleans Saints the best of luck in their quest to be World Champions and...a Super Bowl ring!

Click below to listen to Garrett's testimonial on working with Coach Zauner.

Click Here: to View Garrett Hartley's One on One Lesson with Coach Zauner in Scottsdale, Arizona back in 2007.

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