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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Win For Hartley


The New Orleans Saints believed in themselves and got it done. The Saints go to their first Super Bowl in team history and become 'World Champions'.

As a special teams coach for 13 years in the NFL and an advocate of the kicking game, I believe the biggest play in the game was the surprise onside kick to open the second half.

My hat is off to the Saints Head Coach, Sean Payton for making that aggressive call.Saints punter and kickoff man, Thomas Morstead executed the surprise onside kick to perfection with excellent technique.

You must also give credit to Special Teams Coordinator, Greg McMahon for his scouting report and design of the play. The coverage team blocked and recovered the ball just like you draw it up on the chalk board.

Read SI.com article; Saints Onside Kick!

Super Bowl Kicking History:

Congratulations to Garrett Hartley for an outstanding day kicking field goals. Garrett had a awesome day kicking. He broke a Super Bowl record kicking three field goals over 40 yards.

The kicks were 46, 44 and 47 yards. He kicked every field goal just like he always kicks in practice. You can view Garrett's Kicking Lesson and see up close his field goal kicking technique. He kicks in practice just like he kicks in a big game. Click Here!

This past spring Garrett Hartley was back in Scottsdale, Arizona for a One on One Kickoff Lesson. Click below to watch Coach Zauner work with Garrett on his kickoff technique.

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