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Friday, October 30, 2009

Berger to Broncos & Kern to Titans

On Monday Morning I received a phone call from Brett Kern informing that he had just been released by the Denver Broncos. I was pretty much in shock! Brett in my opinion is an excellent young punter with a big leg and a lot of upside.

I had worked with Brett in the Spring of 2008 and had recommended Brett Kern and Garrett Hartley both to the Denver Broncos to sign as free agents. Both were signed however, Brett made the squad and Garrett was released but later signed with the New Orleans Saints.

Brett told me he was being replaced by Mitch Berger.

Since I was now coaching in the UFL with the California Redwoods I had not seen or worked with Mitch for about four weeks. I was surprised that Mitch had not called me about the news.

After my conversation with Brett I gave Mitch a call to find out his side of the story.

Mitch called me back Monday night from Denver and told me he had gone to Denver the week before for a tryout and was selected to be their new punter. He had just arrived in Denver on Sunday and was already practicing on Monday afternoon.

Mitch Berger is a 14 year NFL Veteran Punter and a true professional. He works and trains hard and keeps his body in excellent shape. Mitch once again this spring and summer was in Scottsdale, Arizona training with me about two times a week.

He said he knew he wasn't going to camp with any teams but wanted to be ready for any team that called after the season started. Mitch was right on his game again.

Mitch last year signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers after their punter sustained an injury. Mitch received his first Super Bowl Ring with the Steelers.

Coach Zauner with Mitch Berger's Super Bowl Ring

So, Monday I received Bad News and Good News. What was good for Mitch was bad for Brett.

I'll finish by saying I had a good conversation with Brett Kern and told him to stay positive. Through the history of football there have been many players and kicking specialists cut or released for a variety of reasons.

Brett was pretty much cut because he was told to punt the ball out of bounds vs the San Diego Chargers and Darren Sproles returned his punt for a touchdown.

For all the young kickers and punters that is life in the NFL. NFL stands for NOT FOR LONG.

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