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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Punters 1st in NCAA & NFL Punting

Georgia's punter Drew Butler Leads the NCAA and Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan Leads the NFL in gross punting averages.

As I drove home today to Fountain Hills, Arizona from my UFL practice with the California Redwoods in Casa Grande, Arizona I listened to the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers football game. During the game the play by play announcer mentioned that Georgia Bulldog punter, Drew Butler was leading the NCAA in punting average with a 50.1 yard average. Bold

When I got home I checked out some NFL stats and noticed that Seattle Seahawks punter, Jon Ryan was leading the NFL in punting average.

I must say I was feeling pretty good knowing I had helped some of my students take their punting games to the next level.

Last year in September and this summer I worked with Jon Ryan and in early March of 2009 my old friend Kevin Butler former Chicago Bears and College Hall of Fame Kicker, brought his son Drew to Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One punting lessons.

Drew has called me a couple of times to update me on his progress and thank me for all my help. Drew not only did some One on One Punting Lessons but also attend one of my PRO Development Camps this summer in Minnesota.

Coach Zauner works Drop Progression Drill with Drew Butler

Coach Zauner explains to Kevin what Drew needs to work on.

Kevin Butler watches Son Drew get Video Taped

Drew Butler and Kevin Butler with Coach Zauner

SEAHAWKS JON RYAN'S - 52.8 Yard Punting Average Leads the NFL after week 3
In 2007 after the fourth preseason game Jon Ryan was surprisingly cut by the Green Bay Packers. The next week he called me and got on a plan and traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons.
During his time in Scottsdale, I introduced Jon to my Drop Progression and One Step Drills. We also worked on his get offs and directional punting. Maybe the most important thing Jon received out of his One on One Sessions was getting his confidence back.
The next week Jon received a call from the Seattle Seahawks. He flew up to Seattle and had an outstanding punting workout with Seattle's Special Teams Coach Bruce De Haven and was signed to be their punter for the remaining part of the 2008 season.
Coach Zauner teaches Drop Progression Drill to Jon Ryan

Below photo Coach Zauner teaches One Step Drill

Click below to view Jon Ryan's testimonial after working some One on One Punting Lessons in Scottsdale, Arizona after he was released in Sept of 2008 by the Green Bay Packers. The next week Jon was signed by the Seattle Seahawks. After three games in the 2009 season Jon is leading the NFL with a 52.8 yard punting average. His net punting average is 45.1 yards.

In 2009 Jon Ryan came to the River Falls Kicking Camp in River Falls, Wisconsin to work again with Coach Zauner. He had planned to work some more One on One Punting Lessons this Spring in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, because of the coaching change in Seattle from Mike Holmgren to Jim Mora Jr. we were unable to get together.

So, in late June Jon worked out his schedule so he could be available to help me at the River Falls Kicking Camp and be able to work with me between sessions on his own technique.

Coach Zauner working to perfect Jon Ryan's Drop

Jon Ryan & Coach Zauner at River Falls Kicking Camp

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