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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mitch Berger Workout Video

Last week I had three One on One Punting Lessons with Mitch Berger. I brought Mitch into Minnesota when I was the Special Teams Coach with the Vikings. Mitch had been cut six times but had a big punting leg and could also kickoff.

Mitch lives here in Scottsdale during the off season. Last season I helped train Mitch in July, August, September and October while he was looking for a job in the NFL.

When the Arizona Cardinals needed a punter for the remainder of the 2007 season I called Rod Graves, General Manager. Cardinals brought Mitch in for a tryout and he was signed.

Mitch was released in the off season.

However, again this year Mitch is back in Scottsdale refining his fundamentals trying to get back with another NFL team.

Today, we did a One on One Punting Workout at Chaparral High School. We started bright and early. In the workout we start with a One Step Drill and progressed to regular punts.

When Mitch was ready we started the punting workout. The order of my workout is: 1) Open Field Punts, 2) Directional Punts (from both hashes), 3) Pooch Punts (Inside the 5o) and 4) End zone Punts (Coming out of the end zone).

During all workouts I give get offs, distances and hang times. The video is shot from an specific approach allowing NFL Special Teams Coaches or NFL Personnel Directors the ability to check the results.

Creditability is extremely important to me. It's my name that is endorsing these kickers, punters and snappers. Throughout my College and NFL career I have always been associated with the best and I'm committed to continue to be the best in the 'World of the Kicking Game.'

Mitch had an excellent workout. He has always been an excellent directional and pooch punter and you will see exactly that if you view his video in the One on One Lessons or the NFL Pro Personnel section of my website., http://www.coachzauner.com/.

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