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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buffalo Bills Call for Personnel

Today, C.J. who works in the Buffalo Bills Personnel Department called looking for kicking, punting and snapping specialists for next weeks workout in Buffalo. C.J. started the conversation referencing John Guy's name. John Guy is the Director of Pro Personnel for the Buffalo Bills.

C.J. said John told him to call me and ask if I had any specialists which I thought were worthy of a NFL tryout next week in Buffalo. He said John really respects my knowledge of kicking and my evaluations of kicking personnel. John Guy entered the league as a special teams coach, he and I went head to head many years ago. John got smart and left coaching to pursue a career in personnel.

I directed C.J. to my website, www.coachzauner.com allowing him the opportunity to view a list of available free agents on my website.

My website home page has been re-designed so there is an NFL area highlighted for Special Teams Coaches, Directors of Personnel for College and Pro Scouting.

C.J asked me for my list of available free agents I thought were NFL ready. These are the kickers and punters I have worked with on One on One Lessons which whom I recommended:

Kickers List:

Dave Rayner - Veteran Kicker
James Wilhoit - Free Agent Kicker
Garrett Palmer - Free Agent Kicker

Punters List:

Mitch Berger - Veteran Punter
Scott Player - Veteran Punter
Danny Baugher - Free Agent Punter
Shane Phillips - Free Agent Punter
Mike Dragosavich - Free Agent Punter
Ben Woods - Free Agent Punter

The Bills mentioned that they didn't want any veteran players for this workout so they decided to bring in the following specialists:

James Wilhoit

Former Kicker at the University of Tennessee Kicker and Baltimore Ravens

Mike Dragosavich

Former Punter at the University of North Dakota and N. E. Patriots

Ben Woods

Former Punter at the University at Buffalo and Cleveland Browns

Shane Phillips

Former Punter at Alcorn State and Melbourne Australia

Best of luck to all the guys next week working out with the Buffalo Bills.

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