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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tanner Carew - U. of Oregon Perfect Laces Drill with Coach Zauner

In June of 2016, Tanner Carew (University of Oregon) came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson with Coach Zauner.  

Tanner had heard about Coach Zauner from his kicker Aidan Schneider who has been taking ONE on ONE Kicking Lessons with Coach Zauner for the last two years and also a fellow snapping friend Scott Daly (University of Notre Dame) who had taken ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons earlier in the year with Coach Zauner in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Tanner Carew working on his Punt Protection with Coach Zauner
Tanner is an excellent snapper who is looking to get even better.  Tanner came to Milwaukee to work on his punt snapping protection and also perfect his field goal snapping technique. 

It just so happened that Tanner and Scott booked ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons the same weekend. Check out Tanner's 'Perfect Laces' Drill below with Coach Zauner

Tanner Carew working to Refine his 'Perfect Laces' Technique

Click below to view Tanner Carew's 'Perfect Laces' Drill with Coach Zauner

Scott Daly (Notre Dame) and Tanner Carew (U. of Oregon) with Coach Zauner

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