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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kevin McDermott (UCLA) Makes SF 49ers Roster

Kevin McDermott Makes Final Roster For SF 49er's

Kevin McDermott At December, 2012 ONE on ONE Lesson in Phoenix, Arizona 
A 13-year veteran or 23-year old rookie?

It sounds like a trick question. If you asked Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, he would undoubtedly choose the former…right?


When the defending NFC champs made their final roster cuts this August. Pro Bowl veteran Brian Jennings was out, UCLA alum Kevin McDermott was in. 

Kevin McDermott Makes Final Roster For the San Francisco 49ers

In 2012, Kevin’s mom, Deborah McDermott came across Coach Zauner's name on a kicking blog and decided to do some digging.

"I gave Coach Zauner a "cold call", not revealing who I was or who my son was. He was recommended to us by several people and I knew how respected he was at the professional level. As a mom, you want to make sure your children are surrounded by good people… I had a very straight-forward conversation with Coach and felt he would have Kevin's best interest at heart."

In December, Kevin (and his mom) signed on for ONE on ONE Lessons.
Kevin McDermott Starts with One on One Snapping Lesson in December of 2012

With thirteen years of NFL coaching experience under his belt, Coach Zauner knows the tricks of the trade and what it takes to raise your game. During ONE on ONE Lessons, Coach was able to give Kevin his undivided attention and help him identify and improve his fundamentals and technique.

"Kevin came back from his initial session and told me how comfortable and valuable it was. He had no official coaching or training prior to working with Coach Zauner and my husband and I are so grateful that our son has such a dedicated coach and mentor."   

Kevin McDermott Attends January 2013 PRO Development Camp in Arizona
Encouraged by his first Coach Zauner program experience, Kevin started down “A Specialist’s Path to PRO Football”.  In January 2013, he attended the PRO Development Camp for Snappers and Punters and in March the College Senior Specialist's Combine and in his own words, described his experience.

“I came to the PRO Development Camp in January to get used to competing with other snappers at a combine and this weekend has been very good for me. I've been able to show off my talents and Coach Zauner is respected in the NFL and Canadian Football League and there's nobody out there better to help me reach my goal of making it to the NFL."
Kevin's College Combine Performance Gets Coach Zauner's NFL Stamp of Approval
Kevin McDermott Along with Four Other College Senior Combine Snappers Sign NFL Contracts

Kevin’s countless hours of hard work paid off big this past summer when Kevin was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers. He signed on with the team, but he would still have to earn his roster spot. 

Just like at the College Senior Specialist's Combine and the PRO Development Camp, Kevin would have to make himself stand out. Only this time, it was against a Pro Bowl veteran, Brian Jennings.
The odds may have been stacked against him, but Kevin McDermott was ready. He trusted his training and his talents and he switched his game into high gear.
Deborah McDermott recalled the wave of emotions she experienced watching everything play out, from the day Kevin committed himself to a career in the NFL to the moment he officially became a San Francisco 49er.
"I don't think my husband and I really understood the value of Kevin's long snapping abilities until his senior year of high school. A coach brought it to our attention and as soon as Kevin committed to pursuing this at the next level, I watched how dedicated and focused he became. It's incredibly rewarding to be a part of his transition from high school to college to the 49ers. We couldn't be prouder."

Kevin’s path to the next level is unique and without his determination to succeed , it may not have been possible.

We share this story as inspiration for athletes and parents ready to take the next step in “A Specialist’s Path to PRO Football”

We would like to thank Kevin's mom, Deborah for her contribution to this article and hope the entire McDermott family knows we are always cheering them on!

Stay tuned to Coach Zauner's blog for updates on Kevin McDermott's NFL journey.

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Click below to listen to former UCLA and current SF 49ers Snapper Kevin McDermott's Testimonial about Coach Zauner's Programs:  How ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons and PRO Camps helped in his development and Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Combine got him maximum exposure to NFL teams.

In a Thank You Note from Kevin he stats, "I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me over the last few months getting me ready for the NFL. Not only have you helped me become a better snapper, but your combine and trusted opinion have helped me reach my goal of signing with an NFL team. It is now up to me to make that final roster but I wouldn't be here without your help." signed Kevin McDermott.

In closing I must say, "It was a real pleasure meeting and working with Kevin McDermott.  He was student on the field and real gentlemen off.  His parents must be commended for bring up such a nice young man."  Good Luck Kevin.

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