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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

49ers' David Akers' Kicking Trials

Written by: Eric Branch

As a longtime NFL special-teams coach and kicking consultant, Gary Zauner learned the path of a kicker's missed field-goal tries can offer a window to his psyche.
49ers' David Akers

The 49ersDavid Akers is a left-footed kicker who keeps pushing field-goal attempts to the left. Zauner's analysis: Akers' problem could have more to do with his head than his leg.

"Pushing it left could be because he's getting a little tentative," Zauner said. "That's what happens with guys that usually push the ball. They're so worried about missing that they don't kick it like they do in practice because the brain gets involved in the kick.

"Generally speaking, most kickers that have missed big kicks a lot of times just block them out and don't finish the kick."

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