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Thursday, October 4, 2012

New breed of NFL kickers:

Baby-faced and deadly from long range

Written By: Robert Klemko, USA TODAY Sports

9:13PM EST October 2. 2012 - EMORY, Va. – Justin Tucker's NFL odyssey began here, in the foothills of sparsely populated southwest Virginia, on a small college campus beset on one side by stomach-churning mountain roads and on the other by a scenic interstate. Excerpt:

Gary Zauner has privately coached 22 NFL Pro Bowlers and, by his count, eight kickers currently in the league, including Josh Scobee and Sebastian Janikowski. He runs a kicking academy in Arizona, tutoring kickers as young as junior high age. He remembers when high school kickers were the kids who couldn't play a more popular position.

"The kickers are no longer the nerds -- the guys who couldn't play football," he said. "Now soccer is such a popular sport that some of the good athletes went out for soccer and then, all of a sudden, you have football coaches looking to soccer athletes for kickers. The quality of the athlete is much better."

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