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Friday, September 2, 2011

Cardinals Release Graham, Sign Zastudil

Cardinals release 25 players, including Aussie punter Graham

By Associated Press, Friday, September 2,2011

The Cardinals’ dissatisfaction with Graham became clear nine days ago when the team signed Zastudil, who missed all last season with a knee injury. Zastudil punted for Baltimore and Cleveland with a career average of 42.7 yards per punt in 113 games.

“Dave has a body of work that we’re familiar with,” Whisenhunt said, “punting in the AFC North and in those conditions and being a successful punter. That was part of the information that we had going in. We needed to see him actually do it in the game for us, and he was impressive in the first half (Thursday night). That went a long way in answering some of those questions.”

Zastudil punted twice for an average of 47.5 yards in Thursday night’s 26-7 victory over Denver.

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