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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jose Maltose & Sergio Castillo

Monterry Nuevo Leon Mexico Kickers;
Perform Well at Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camp

Sergio Castillo, West Texas A & M Attends One on One Lessons and PRO Development Camps; Ends Season With All Conference Honors

Ivan Pena / Arturo Pena / Jose Maltos & Sergio Castillo

The 1st of many international kickers to come to my PRO Development Camp. Ivan Sena, Eduardo Santos, Jose Maltos made the trip from Monterry, Mexico to attend this camp in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jose Maltos is a kicker for the Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon in Mexica (UANL). Jose came to my camp along with his manager and special teams coach to learn the art of kicking. Having never met Jose, after a couple of minutes I could tell the kid had potential. After a couple of small changes, he really started hitting the ball more consistently and was one of the final two kickers in our kicking contest at the end of the Arizona PRO Development Camp.
Ivan Sena is another kicker from for the Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon in Mexica (UANL). Ivan also did very well at my camp and picked up on the coaching very well.

Sergio Castillo currently attends West Texas A&M and has been working with me for the last year. Sergio has taken One on One lesson and has made great improvement since last year. He was the All-Conference Kicker in his league and my hat is off to him and his work ethic.
He competed well this weekend at my camp and was a great help to bridge the gap of communication between the amigos and I.
Sergio is a first class person and a excellent kicker / punter. You will hear more about Sergio in the future.

It was a honor having these international specialists come to my PRO Development Camp. They will take home new drills, technique and a new philosophy on the art of kicking that will beneift there football program as they grow in the future.

Click below and listen to the testimonial by Eduardo Santos and what he had to say about his and his two kickers Jose Maltos and Ivan Pens's experience at Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camps in Phoenix, Arizona in January. There is also video of Jose Maltos and his 60 Yard Field Goal during Coach Zauner's Kicking Contest at the end of the testimonial.

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